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Movie stills

About the film

A man suffering from amnesia wakes up in a desolate barn from a cryogenic freezer to be informed that the planet has been devastated by a world war and reduced to little habitability by a subsequent alien invasion.  He is thrown into a military mission to help reestablish a livable atmosphere for what’s left of humanity.  Soon enough he encounters more than he bargained for: aliens, crazy survivors, inadequate equipment and a pretty unhealthy dose of bad luck.  Jam-packed with visual inventions and plot twists, this movie offers a dark and humorous take on the post-apocalyptic genre. 

Cast and Crew

  • Starring
    • Jamie Abrams
      Paula J. Davis
      Navin Pratap
      Gilles Maillet 

  • Producers
    • Pat Tremblay

  • Director
    • Pat Tremblay


“Hellacious Acres is smart, witty filmmaking, jammed with a unique sense of humor…” “Gamers and genre fans will celebrate its meta-jabs at post-apocalyptic features and videos games.” - Brad Miska co-Head of Bloody Disgusting

“ of the best reproductions of a post-apocalyptic video game ever made.”
“miss it at your peril.” - Dread Central

 “(...)very inventive, and it expresses a truly singular tone.” - Le Monde

“...a dark version of the HALO video games and the cynical humour of Jim Jarmusch...” - Fantasia International Film Festival program

 “[an] anti-epic adventure with a sense of absurdity and irreverence that is reminiscent of theMonty Pythons.” - Lausanne Underground Film Festival Program