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About the film

Life takes a downward spiral for Alyce after a night of partying goes terribly wrong and she accidentally pushes her best friend off of a building.  Panicked, Alyce lies to the police about her involvement.  When she later learns that her friend miraculously survived, she begins to unravel; losing sleep, her job, and eventually her sanity.  There is only one way for her to take control... But will she stop with just one murder?

Cast and Crew

  • Starring
    • Jade Dornfeld

      Tamara Feldman

      James Duval

      Eddie Rouse


  • Producers
    • Zak Kilberg

      Linda L. Miller


  • Director
    • Jay Lee



“Alyce will captivate you to the point you just can’t bare to look away”

- Horror cult Films


“Lee does a great job constructing a tale that any gorehound can sink his/her teeth into.”

- DreadCentral