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Default 2013 All Genre Draft: Tournament Thread

DeathByIggy is the All Genre Draft Champion!

Dead Breed vs DeathByIggy = DeathByIggy wins 17-10

DeathByIggy vs Jayy = Iggy wins 12-3
Dead Breed vs Hannibal Rex = DB wins 13-1

Quarter Finals
Black Coffee vs DeathByIggy = Iggy wins 16-7
Dead Breed vs Rusted = DB wins 20-5
Jayy vs Outpost = Jayy wins 15-4
Freddy_Lives vs Hannibal Rex vs Santa = Hannibal wins 10-6-1

Round 2
Dead Breed vs Caustic = Breed wins 17-0
Elvira vs Jayy = Jayy wins 19-4
Black Coffee vs Razorghost = BC takes this 12-10
DeathByIggy vs Willowfang = Iggy wins 19-2
Heretic vs Outpost = Outpost wins 14-11
Rusted vs Deadly Fiend = Rusted wins 21-1
H.P. Pufncraft vs Freddy_Lives = Freddy edges this one out 7-6
King_Ov_Hell vs Hannibal Rex = Hannibal wins 6-3
jennifuru vs Santa Sangre = Santa wins 13-4

Round 1

Dead Breed vs The Bear Jew = Dead Breed wins big.
DeathByIggy vs Ultimate High = Iggy wins 17-15
Outpost #31 vs NRA4Ever = Outpost wins 19-6
Black Coffee vs Slayer X = BC wins 20-10
Heretic vs travisbickle = Heretic wins 19-6
Klown vs Razorghost = Razor rolls 20-7
BeRightBack vs Jayy = Jayy wins 22-2
Caustic vs Sarsoor = Caustic limps forward 13-8
Renacimiento vs Hannibal Rex = Stewie Rex wins 20-3
Santa Sangre vs Dark Enchantress = Santa wins 13-9
King_ov_Hell vs Bizarre_Eye = King is the champion of the HS faceoff 6-5
Wonderlust vs Deadly Fiend = Fiend wins 13-4
Revelator vs Puff = Puff wins 15-5
Willowfang vs nancylives! = Willow wins 16-9
The Geek vs jennifuru = Jenn wins 15-10
mmyersisgod vs Freddy_Lives = Freddy wins 15-4
Frey vs Elvira = Elvira wins 16-6

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