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Default Day Wasters: The 24-Hour Movie Marathon Show

Hi B-D Community,

I'd like to share a new project I am working on that I think would be of interest to a lot of you. It's called Day Wasters: The 24-Hour Movie Marathon Show. Here's the description:

Luke and Billy Bob love movie marathons: the excitement of staying up all night, the discovery of crazy, over-the-top films, the snacks, the jokes, everthing! Day Wasters is a fun, unique way for them to share this love with the world. Each month, you can join Luke and Billy Bob LIVE ON THE INTERNET as they set out on their 24-hour endurance challenge. Stay awake with them for the entire marathon in the comfort of your own home or check in on them as they slowly lose their sanity in the late, late hours. Or, gather your own group of pals and watch along with them! All the movies scheduled for each marathon are readily accessible on the Internet-the wonders of the World Wide Web! JOIN US!

This is going to be a fun and funny live experience! Here's a link to the Facebook page for all the info leading up to the big day. Hope some of you will check it out!

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