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Default The Orphan Killer 2011

I thought this film would be really low budget. The acting would be medicore. You know the usually faire. Just watching it for several minutes you knew they had some money to put into this. Cool. Let's see whats going to happen.

The kill scenes are brutal as fuck and done well with some great practical effects added. A smashed in head, a machete thru the faceÖ..all that great slasher mojo that says ďdonít mess me with me or you'll be fucked''. Our killer is yesÖan orphan. We get a pretty decent back story on a loner who had a natural liking for violence from an early age. It also didnít help that the nuns tortured him, made him wear a mask when he was bad and kept his back pretty scarred up with lashings and beatings. If anything in the world is to piss off a child, itís abusive nuns who donít have any sense of real moral ethics. Oh yeah, he had a sister. One who was taken away to much more suitable childhood upbringing. This child is the now grown up Audrey.

David Backus plays the role of the orphan killer. His approach is pretty dead on. A killer without mercy. At times, you have to wonder why he is killing every one. That is the question you ask yourself with the traditional slasher movie? Right? Though an awesome back story does more than its share of giving a great explanation.

Diane Foster is Audrey. She is nude some of the time and covered in blood... Though make no mistake, this is one tough lady who not only co-produced the film but stars in it and takes alot of onscreen abuse. I researched this actress because she was amazing in this film. As the character Audrey, she is the target of the killers interest. He tortures a priest, kills a few others and slices up a cop pretty bad. None of them take the prolonged abuse that Audrey does. Suspended by her hands in a barbed wire, she is toyed with, carved and made to endure a pretty long dose of pain herself. Her pain was so believable. I was in awe of her acting. Barb wire was used to bind, gag, string up a was so fuckin bloody and brutal.... At this point Iíd love to talk about every detail, but that might keep you from checking out this gory delight. Another interesting observation is that the orphan killer grunts most of the time but then speaks rather intelligently at other times. At first I thought this might suck, but it actually makes his faceless character even more creepy. The only thing that bothered me was almost everytime a kill scene or attack, loud heavy metal music played...once or twice..okay but kinda annoying thru out. I soon forgot about that tiny flaw as I watched the gore stain my screen.

The Orphan Killer is great horror and great gore. Iím gonna have to call this one outstanding!! 9/10

Found this film on:

Buy it from:

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Colonel Cinematic
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Sounds like a fun, happy time at the cinema.
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After having been fed endless generic cliches for ten years in the last decade, I'll watch any horror movie that defies cliches. I'm sold for this one.

She isn't a scream queen for nothing, right?
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Stumbled onto this on Facebook a few nights ago and ordered it straight off!! Got word that it has been despatched so I'm just waiting in the dark...........
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Looks promising! Thanks for sharing
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This looks really deranged... I'll check it out
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This looks really good. May order that Blu-ray.
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Crazy trailer.

Looks like good ol', sick fun.
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While the movie looks good I just cant handle Metal music. Maybe i watch it muted
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It's a movie that does not include anything new to the genre and goes straight for the jugular from the start. The story I would say is simple, even so the best of the film is the blood and gore, that is, there are severed heads, amputees members and all sorts of things that you can imagine, they are definitely the best of this movie. Very good.

Accompanied by a metal music most of the time. Although there are also really funny scenes:
Spoiler Below
The scene where the nun is giving oral sex to a person in the church is great.
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