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Originally Posted by klownz666 View Post
Rodriguez really has treated us to some great horror, from dusk till dawn, the faculty and planet terror! All great films and they make a very good night in getting pissed up having a horror session!
lol yep.
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I hate being the negative nancy of the thread but I didnt really like this much. I havent seen it since it was in theaters so what I do remember of it I wasnt really impressed with. I do remember at the end when Elijah Wood and his love interest were talking I was able to see the bottom half of the boom mic hanging in view which I found to be a bit ridiculous. The best part of the movie for me was the cover of Another Brick In The Wall and that wasnt even great considering Layne Staley's vocals sounded similar to what I would imagne Bill Murray sounds like when he wakes up in the morning. All in all I thought it was pretty bad for a Rodriguez film.
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This movie isn't one I would call a classic or anything but it is a whole lot of fun. Way to much fun. Its the sort of film I will watch and enjoy every time it happens to pop up on tv.
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Just like a lot of other posters here I found this flick a lot of fun to watch and really enjoyed it.

There's something about teenagers coming together and rebelling against a greater cause that I find really entertaining, cause if you liked this movie chances are you would love Disturbing Behavior, one of my favorites made the same year as The Faculty, not quite horror but dark enough.
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I liked the fact that it was kind of off the wall. It wasn't your normal teenager high school bullshit movie.
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I love this movie, i seen many times, really fun watch!
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Pretty good movie. Effects were good, acting, story, you name it. Many cool moments but one in particular I really like with Josh and Famke close to the end of the movie when she loses her head. I love Joshes line, "Fuck this I'm outta here" lol

Another funny line is when they're trying to give Principle Drake the test. The one guy says, "You stick her and I'll shoot her before it erupts all over the place."

Also, did anyone else have a boner for Principle Drake? I know I did

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I saw this last night for the first time and actually really enjoyed it! Kevin Williamson definitely went for the Scream vibe rather than the dreadful I Know What You Did Last Summer! It's smart, irreverent and extremely entertaining. There was never a dull moment and the over-the-top effects were a lot of fun. It reminded me a lot of Slither actually. It was also nice to get a few likable characters and the cast was brilliant. The only trouble is that it was often predictable, with a disappointingly clichéd happy ending. Still, it's a ton of fun!

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Great movie, new it would be great since i saw it advertised on a Halloween h20 vhs (oh the momories) it was a big topic on the school yard when it broke over here. I thought it was a great twist on a who dunnit story which alot of people fail to see. Awesome ensemble of character and veterans. 8/10
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I've always felt this was a sadly underrated, forgotten gem. It never tried to be more than what it was, a fun, crazy, funny sci-fi horror from a red-hot (at the time) Kevin Williamson and Robert Rodriguez. Definitely one of those movies I can watch and enjoy over and over.

And as a follow-up to my original post on this thread, the Blu-ray is gorgeous.

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