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Default Horror... In Space!

Not sure if this is the ideal forum for this thread (Mods, feel free to move the thread if necessary and lock me in a small tube and launch it into the cold dark void of space), but I reckon it might be considering the 'Alien Invasion Movies' thread I was posting in.

On to the point: I think my favourite genre (sub-genre) is the space horror. There's something that little bit more sinister about being isolated from the safety of your home planet. Space is massive, it's dark, it's cold and help is light-years away. Some favourites of mine are Event Horizon, Alien (1&3) and Danny Boyle's Sunshine (I consider that to be technically horror).
I saw a movie in the shops called 'Cargo' - made in 2009. The blub on the box sounded pretty enticing:
"Year 2267. The ecosystem of Earth has been destroyed and mankind is forced to live in orbit. The story of CARGO takes place on the derelict spaceship KASSANDRA on its 8 year journey to a remote freight-station in deep space. The young and inexperienced medical officer LAURA PORTMANN (Anna Katharina Schwabroh) is the only person awake on board. The rest of the crew lies frozen in cryosleep. During her daily patrols, through the eerily empty ship, she begins to get the feeling that she may not be alone on board."

Anyone seen Cargo? Sounds like my kind of film! Or anything else of a similar style / theme?

PS: I have seen Leprechaun In Space! :P
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I didn't pay much attention to in Space horror movies before, but when I found out about Prometheus, I started looking up information on "Alien". And I totally fell in love with this sort of horror movies. As you say, it's the creepy, dark atmosphere that makes them unique. Being shut off from earth is very disturbing.
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In the old days writers and film makers could describe far off lands and forbidden undiscovered, jungle shrouded kingdoms wherein to set there fantasies. These days space is indeed the final frontier and offers a hostile, isolating and unnatural environment which can no longer be imagined on earth.

In space no one can hear you scream.
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Jason X
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Originally Posted by Galvasean View Post
There's something that little bit more sinister about being isolated from the safety of your home planet. Space is massive, it's dark, it's cold and help is light-years away.
I feel the same way about deep sea horror.

My favorite in space horror film is Event Horizon. Pandorum is a decent one. Didn't one of the Critters films go to space? It's been a long time since I've seen any of them. I also really like Enemy Mine, although I suppose that's more of a straight-forward sci-fi flick rather than horror.
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Prometheus looks freaking good.
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The dynamic of space, or deep sea horror is that, while not necessarily tame, we're well equipped to deal with things at home, as a whole, we can over come the mundane even if it'll take time and effort.

Space Horror want's to say we'll need a whole new skill set to deal with it. We can go out or go home. Be "imprisoned" at home, or man-up and face the darkness.

In a way, that's all horror really, but that aspect is boiled down into the A or B of Fight or Flight.

Cargo does sound interested, I'll have to look into it some more.
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i actually just wrote a silly little piece about this (if you're interested) "9 Highly Entertaining Horror in Space Films:

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black coffee
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I love sci-fi horror.

Alien = all.

Moon is a great one as well. Not horror per se, but still pretty damn creepy.
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aliens, isolation, space

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