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Switched back to RE5 again...really need to pick up that special edition so I don't have to rent it anymore.
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The DeadlySpawn
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Originally Posted by mardigian View Post
you're just getting numb to the bad game.
Quite possibly. FFXIII isn't exactly compelling; watch a cutscene, walk forward, push a button, watch a cutscene, walk forward, press a few more buttons.......why bother? If I just want to watch and have no real control over events I could just stick a movie on.
Oh well, not all rpg's can be as good as Lost Odyssey.
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Been working on beating Gears of War on insane. Haven't bought a new a game since I think i got Gears of War. Lame I know right.
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Originally Posted by The DeadlySpawn View Post
Oh well, not all rpg's can be as good as Lost Odyssey.
I just couldn't connect with LO. I really enjoyed Blue Dragon, so I naturally went for Mist Walker's second effort. I rented it, enjoyed the first bit of it and bought it. but I lost interest after the first disc. I didn't like any of the characters, the battle system was beginning to bore me and I just didn't feel compelled to move forward.

maybe I just outgrew the gameplay? Blue Dragon was the only JRPG I've enjoyed since Final Fantasy 12 or Kingdom Hearts 2 for the PS2. then again, 90% of the JRPG's for the Xbox were developed by Tri-Ace, and they're horrible (IMO).

I am just connecting more with western RPG's. Fable, Mass Effect, Fallout 3, etc...I guess I can't stand the voice of whiney effeminate males any longer. it's like nails on a chalk board, especially after being as cut throat as you want as Commander Shepard.
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Final Fantasy XIII - I buckled and grabbed this today. This has got to be the slowest start to a videogame I've ever played. I'm four hours in, and the game is still throwing tutorials at me. I will say this though, it's one hell of a feast for the eyes. The environments are just beautiful to look at.

As for the gameplay, it seemed so trimmed down at first. For the first hour or so, I wasn't even getting anything that resembled experience points, and was starting to get annoyed. You can probably just run past every enemy in the first hour with no consequence. It's now finally coming together though, and I'm starting to like it. Experience is practically the same as in FFX. You have a sphere grid, and upgrade appropriately. I do like how you can assign different jobs to your characters, and can tinker with combinations in combat. The system is finally getting a little deep.

That's about all I can say so far. The story is par for the course, but some of the dialog is groan inducing. It's not as bad as some are saying, but it feels like a step backword, when compared to the breath of fresh air that was FFXII.

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Just got lvl 29ish on COD4.

What is the max prestige level in COD4?

Is it worth it?
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FFXIII and fucking loving it!

gonna get god of war III soon

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God of War II

Seeing as I'm currently unable to play GOW III, I've been playing GOW II. The game is really damn addictive, and once I beat the game, I start over immediately. I've only played the game on bonus play a select few time, but I find it to be more fun to go through the game regularly & earn all of his powers & to level up & what not.
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The Bear Jew
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Been playing Resident Evil 5 and Guitar Hero 5 as of late....
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Dante's Inferno
Gears 2 on Hardcore
COD MW2 (do I have to even say?)
Originally Posted by !Viva Hate! View Post
Of course you can wait...you can wait because you gotta. I was in Nam...
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