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Halo 3, I'm co-oping with my son on that one. and
Two Worlds, a very long game, sometimes I need an rpg break so I am also playing Call of Juarez, but its getting a little boring so I'll just concentrate more on Halo 3 I guess. And I love the Brute Spiker as my weapon of choice. Because when I'm out of ammo I can melee and slice them up with the knife part. It cuts the Flood up soooo good, that level looked like a horror movie scene with all the cut up body parts everywhere that I did with the knife part and my son did with the energy sword, lol.
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Halo 3 !!!!!
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HALO 2 yeah i know i'm behind the times but just really started to play games a couple of years ago. i'm an old fart.
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Originally Posted by SCREAMIDGE View Post
Halo 3 !!!!!
How is it ?
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Originally Posted by Devouring Sickness View Post
Unfortunately, it didn't get any better after that.

Best FPS I've ever played. It's absolutely incredible.
you should try and find System Shock 2, it's from the same team, and even better....

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Halo 3

All I can say is that its decent

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playing some halo 3 right now

pretty game...

A few flaws for me at least...

the major one is the fucking backtracking....thats all the level design and gameplay is in the main game....get in a level get to the end...get to the start...bungie put all their shit into the mutilplayer and really sucked in this place...a nice start and end to a nice fluid level would of been nice..

and the hole cant duel wield the Needler....a little grip..but i liked that gun...

short to..well. on normal....im pretty sure i will die more times in heroic and Legendary then anything else...

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The thing I actually LIKE about Halo 3 is that you can make so many different types of games...
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The fact you cant duel-wield the needler is a bad thing. But duel-wielding the magnums is a good thing. Aim high on Brutes, and POW POW! 2 shots.. they're maggot food.
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like alot of people playing halo3.

i already beat it on normal just because i wanted to see the ending. i am really not looking forward to doing that run up to the control center stage with all thoes fucking flood around on legendary let me tell ya.
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