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Default Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal

So I came across news of this movie after watching Pontypool. It contains Stephen McHattie and Georgina Reilly from Pontypool and is also filmed in Canada.

BD just released news and a link to the trailer.

I'm looking forward to this movie, the trailer looks promising and the story is interesting.

Young artist Lars has hit the proverbial creative brick wall. Up till now, his creativity has come at too high a cost: inspiration could only come in the form of carnage – blood, guts and limbs – and he’s vowed to never go down that dark road again. He settles in small town and meets Eddie who suffers from a rare form of sleepwalking which transforms him from docile art student into ravenous sleepwalking cannibal craving for fresh meat. At long last, here was the muse Lars had been searching for. Truly exceptional art comes at a very high price…even if it means sacrificing human lives…

I shall be eagerly waiting it's release. Anyone else interested?
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looks promising
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Oooh - looks like one for the wishlist - thanks for sharing.
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I'm kind of excited for this. It'll be playing in the arthouses near my neck of the woods.


A film by Boris Rodriguez
Starring Thure Lindhardt, Dylan Smith and Georgina Reilly

Part muse. Part sleepwalking cannibal.

A struggling artist is in need of inspiration. While decamping in the middle of nowhere, he’s found it in a new friend, Eddie…a sleepwalking cannibal.

Eddie pushes the boundaries of the horror-comedy genre, weaving together a story that blends twisted friendship, love and, of course, the gory reality of sleepwalking cannibalism. Eddie is fun, fresh, entertaining and seriously warped, the way a sleepwalking-cannibal movie should be.

Technical Information

Production Year
Countries of Production
Canada, Denmark
Running Time
90 mins
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It looks good. Its for rental on Amazon.

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