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Just for the record; Miike could take a crap and record it on beta max and I would probably like it enough to buy it.

I just had to buy May, I loved it so much, and recommended it to someone who came in the store yesterday.. WHO infact told me of this site.
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My friend rented Dark Carnival and it was a film from the 90's it really sucked, the killing was so fake and the acting was fucking horrible i say you should skip it. I wanted to see um i think it's called teh 13th child or sumthing liek that.
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Unless you're big on wolves who A) Look nothing like wolves and B) wolves that never appear-see previous, then by all means rent Wolves of Wall Street.

If you don't like the affore Christmas Vacation. Can't go wrong.
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I just watched Better Off Dead w/John Cusack for the 20th time. it's a hilarious movie. check it out you dirty meatbags!
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Old 12-17-2003, 07:14 PM   #15
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just rented Return of the Living Dead 3 - 3.5/5
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Otis the cruel
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Sasquach & Alien the cash! Alien Hunter had both Caradine and the dude that played BUCK in Tarintino's latest.....coincidence?
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Death Bed the bed that eats - George Barry
I saw this while browsing around late one night and decided to get it because it sounded too weird not to check out. Premise - A demonic bed that snores and burps, munches on weary travellers who decide to take a nap on him, while a tortured soul watches all through a painting on the wall providing narration for the bed. Hmmm, I did say it was strange.
George Barry does a very interesting opening for his movie, where he gives an account of how he made the film in the '70s but no one picked it up. Then late one night, while surfing horror message boards (hehe we all know what that's like) he comes across reviews for his unreleased movie! He finds out that it was pirated somewhere along the way and was released in Europe and he contacted the people who were going to release it on DVD and the rest is history. That part of the DVD was the most entertaining unfortunately.
The movie itself is a mish mash of comedic elements, flashback galores, and trippy dream sequences. I really can't recommend renting this movie, but at the same time it was oddly interesting because it's just so unique. I mean the bed can't fuckin move and it's still eating people! Anyway if you can fool someone into renting this movie, you can watch it and then laugh at their expense
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Default .....

Just checked out Jack Frost (the horror) my review here goes...

What's Goin On: On their way to a criminal transport Jack Frost a convicted killer transferred to his execution, when The truck wrecks with a chemical truck and our killer is genetically mutated into the snow, making him a big friggin snocone. LET THE BODIES HIT THE SNOW!!!

Lowdown: bout 8:00 I popped this jem into the vcr and boy was we in for a slasher treat. After Jack turns to the killer snowman he's one mean mofo! He's going after one of the cops in another town that got hm put on death row WARNING: if your looking for a well thought movie and an oscar winner stay away from this one. The opening kicks ass with a guy telling this little girl about the legend of Jack Frost it's kinda sick but hey it pumps my nads...

Pitfalls: okay, complaints since this is B-movie material we get very paperthin acting special effects kids can do for school projects, and this bugs me through the whole movie the sheriff has a kid who looks like he's about 12 gets treated like a fucking 6 year old!! he kinda acts it too i mean c'mon this kid puts fucking antifreeze in his dads oatmeal thinking nothing wrong!!

Killer: Jack Frost is one kick-ass slasher he definately gets an A for originality and he's mean as hell. He shoots icicles and spits oneliners that would put Freddy Krueger and Chucky to shame! i won't spoil em but you hafta hear em to believe em only thing wrong with our killer is he's wayyy too slow as far as doors are concerned

Gore Factor: Red Snocones for everyone!! We get some Icicle impailings, a groovy be-heading, chokings, snowman brains, (no joke) awesome axe trick, Biting a head off, and we get Frost raping a chick GOOD TIMES!!

T-and-A we get a chick with a really nice ass taking a shower and teases us and give us no boobies! for the ladies you get Jack's long smooth carrot

Score: some so n so run of the mill slasher music nothing special

Directing: there are some actual good camera angles in this flick I can't say that the special effects are wonderful but there is effort

All-n-All: It's worth the buy if you have the green believe me Jack is a good flick to add to any collection



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I just rented recently Mimic 3, for a b-movie I thought iwas done extremely well and doesnt abide to any of the classic conventions of a b-movie (compensating acting for money tc etc).
The special effects weren't that shabby either, this film can easily be confused as an art film in my opinion, and rightly so.
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I recently saw a few *borrowed* movies... I've been too poor to rent!

first up: make them die slowly

it was good, but nothing shocking, as i've already seen cannibal holocaust. check it out for some pretty nasty gore scenes, if you can find it.

next: chud

not as good as people claimed it was. still, the monster things were sorta creepy, with their eyes. meh. the acting was terrible, though.
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