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The Devil's Lyric
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Default Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

The fifth installment in the franchise is now well into development, and most of the cast confirmed. Paul W.S. Anderson is once again back to write and direct, and not suprisingly will shoot in 3D.

Returning (obviously) is Mrs. Anderson, Milla Jovovich. Also returning are: Sienna Guillory, Boris Kodjoe and Shawn Roberts. Oddly enough, a bunch of people killed off earlier in the franchise will join them, including: Michelle Rodriguez, Colin Salmon and Oded Fehr. It's unsure what their roles in the film will be at this point, but it will most likely be in flashbacks.

Wentworth Miller, Ali Larter and Spencer Locke will not return (can't say I'll miss their hammy acting), which is probably to give some new characters a bit more development. Yes, we will finally see Barry Burton (played by Kevin Durand), Leon S. Kennedy (Johann Urb) and Ada Wong (who is yet to be cast).

The film is set to contain elements from the fourth game, with the introduction of the Las Plagas virus to the film franchise. It will shoot in Tokyo, Toronto and Russia.

I guess I'm quite excited. I like the film franchise for what it is, mindless entertainment. I'm also curious to see what they do with the new characters from the games. However, I wish Anderson would just direct someone else's script. The casting of Leon seems to be a perfect fit at this point though. Johann Urb looks like the breathing version of him - let's see if he has acting chops to boot...
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That's so gay. Anderson fucked up all the Resident Evil movies. Im a huge fan of the games, and the movies were pathetic, especially the newest one.
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The last one dissappointed me, if they make another one I hope it's better than that one.
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Heard rumors that the Las Plagus from resident evil 4 will be in this one.

anyways YES to Leon Kennedy.
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I can't believe they keep making these and they keep making money.
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Default Re: Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

You know, I'll give him credit for the first one, it was halfway decent. However it has turned into a horrible action fest that just rapes the plot of the games. Make a horror movie about the mansion in the first game and cast a hottie as Rebecca Chambers- I'll be there opening weekend. But I can't turn my brain off enough to ever enjoy these movies.

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Originally Posted by The Devil's Lyric View Post
The film is set to contain elements from the fourth game, with the introduction of the Las Plagas virus to the film franchise. It will shoot in Tokyo, Toronto and Russia.
This part here makes me happy. I just hope it doesn't get fucked up.
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i love all of the movies, except 1 witch i cant stand! so another one will be good

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I've really been enjoying this series, but it really should stop with this one. They can only take it so far.

Movies recently seen:

The Boneyard- 6/10
Clash of the Titans '10- 8/10
The Exorcist- 10/10
Wrath of the Titans- 7/10
Zombie- 8/10
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These are my guilty pleasure. sure they could have been better but I just love Milla Jovovich
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