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Books, Magazines, Literature, etc.. Some of us really do know how to read!

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The three that spring to mind are Graham Masterton's Tengu, Richard Laymon's The Stake and Stephen King's The Stand. Really enjoyed all of them.
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lurve me some Gabo

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I've re-read the Goosebump books over and over again.
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Jurrasic Park (still vastly superior to the neutered movie)
2010: Odyssey Two

Altho by re-read over and over, I've read both books thrice. Other than Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree, which I read twice, I don't believe I've ever re-read another book.

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8. Aliens (1986)
9. Europa Report (2013)
10. The Curse (1987)
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I've re-read "John Dies at the End" so many times it's ridiculous. I can't get enough of that book. It's absolute brilliant INSANITY. I also have re-read Stephen's Kings "Misery" until the book fell apart, since it's my all time favorite book. "Firestarter" as well, I've read two or three times, same as story "Secret Window".
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In Cold Blood, probably one of my all time favorite books. I'm thinking I'll have to reread The Strain
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Peter Pan

I can't even count how many time I've read it. What a beautiful book.

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House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski
Stephen King
A Dangerous Fortune - Ken Follett
Shopaholic series
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