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Originally Posted by Mr. Monkey View Post
Our last dog we had was trained to bark at asian people.
Who in the hell did train the dog like that? That reminds me of the film White Dog from Samuel Fuller...

Great film.
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Originally Posted by Voodoo Doll
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Originally Posted by Heretic
Oh hey look! Kitty got claws!

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Originally Posted by Santa Sangre View Post
Who in the hell did train the dog like that? That reminds me of the film White Dog from Samuel Fuller...

Great film.
lol, not really trained but whenever we were out, hiking, park whatever and asians went by she would growl and huff at them, it was really weird.
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I thought this was brilliant and for Miiki a thoughtful and mature period action film which questions loyalty and honour. Don't worry though it features perhaps the most relentless and frentic sword fights I can recall seeing on screen.
My favourite character would have to be the hunter who according to Miiki is an immortal forest spirit or Yōkai.
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13 Assassins is the first non-horror Takeshi Miike film I've seen (unless you don't count Ichi the Killer as horror) and I was very impressed.

I have to admit that the first half an hour did confuse me quite often due to the weird Japanese names and how all the characters looked very similar due to everyone wearing the same clothes and having the same hair style. However, thankfully the plot itself was very simple. A group of assassins assemble to kill a seriously evil Lord and his army of 200.

Whilst the first hour and 10 mins did have some slow scenes, the final 50 minutes was an all out action-packed thrill ride featuring the most consistent carnage I've seen since the crazy 88 battle in Kill Bill! Except this time it's the crazy 200. The battle is marvellously entertaining and seemingly never ending, which isn't a bad thing at all. The film could've been much stronger if the characters of the assassins were explored more deeply. I only really felt like I knew a couple of them, thus felt nothing when seeing them drop.

Takeshi Miike handles the film with spectacular flair though. It proves that for a fight scene to be thrilling, the camera doesn't need focus on close-ups and/or shake like a wet dog. It's really entertaining and seemingly underrated. Not many people talk about it, but everyone who does seems to love it! Go watch it and love it too!

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