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The Living Dead
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Definitely looking forward to these. Saw the first a while back and thought it was great. Just watched part 2 tonight and loved it as well, except for some stuff at the end. It will be interesting to see how the infection reacts out in public.
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Mørk Vind
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Cool, can`t wait!

I really liked the first two!
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I'm anxiously awaiting these next two installments, i felt part 2 was an improvement over the original, so the series seems to be getting better.

3 may divide the fans because it won't be action packed according to the description but it will be good to see how the infection originated and have that followed up with the infection spreading outside of the apartment building in Apocalypse.

All i know is, these guys can do no wrong at this point, these next two should be fantastic
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The Living Dead
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Rec genesis is supposed to be a prequel right? so im guessing we'll see some more of the madeiros girl.

im definately looking forward to both of these! to bad they wont be in theatres over here.. but i will dl them as soon as possible

i found the first two by accident through BD and damn i was glad i did! it was the first movie in a long time that had me watching through my fingers
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Posters for the new sequels


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Originally Posted by rusted31 View Post
Posters for the new sequels

I believe those are fake. In fact, here's the poster for genesis in the official [Rec] facebook:

Speaking of which, there's also this status update:

In other words: "We've already started the rehearsals. Shooting begins soon."

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The Necromancer
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I will probably shit my pants, when the sequels will hit theaters. Can't wait!
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Any info on rec part two on DVD in the states...this is killing me!
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The first two were ridiculously great. These are definitely two of my most anticipated films in general.
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Filming started 2 or 3 weeks ago on the 3rd installment yahoo.
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