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Originally Posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
It really is top notch! The visuals and the concept...everything about it was FUN!

Going in I thought Sarah Silverman may be a little too much for her character but she nailed it!

Alan Tudyk nailed it also.
l adored Vanellope.

Sarah Silverman was perfect.
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Originally Posted by yoxodo View Post
l adored Vanellope.

Sarah Silverman was perfect.
Gotta love the glitch

She definitely stole the show in my eyes.
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Originally Posted by yoxodo View Post
Wreck-lt Ralph- This was just plain awesome. lt makes you smile and it makes you cry, like only great movies can do. l think this has now dethroned The lncredibles as my favorite CG animated film. All gamers should see this movie!
Loved this film.

I really enjoyed Jane Lynchs voice work.

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Raising Cain 6/10

Pretty weak for De Palma.

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A Cat in the Brain (1990)-8/10

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Silent Hill: Revelation - 8/10

Really surprised with this. Loved how it stayed true to the first film. Cast was perfect in my eyes. The atmosphere was my favorite part of the first film and I'm glad it retained its value in this one as well. It did suffer from some pacing issues and the dialogue was hit or miss at times, but overall it didn't hurt the film that much. Not quite as good as the first, but a strong sequel nonetheless.
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"The Day After Tomorrow"........Another good disaster film by director Roland Emmerich. Screenplay/dialogue is iffy in some parts but the special effects and adventure are terrific!! The cast is all over the place ranging from good to ok to piss poor!! Found the younger cast to be more pivotal to the movie. Dennis Quaid is "ok" as the main character, but Sela Ward is horrendous!! Loved the New York and Los Angeles disaster scenes.

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An old couple is confronted with sickness and hence slowly approaching death until the very and shocking end.
Thoughtful and emotionally gripping, especially at the end. Haneke hits the spot again, he has just the right hand for exposing and portraying extreme emotions with stunning sobriety. Could have been trimmed to 100 minutes only, but that's only a minor complaint.
I don't know, why the Academy didn't nominate Jean-Louis Trintignant for Best Supporting Actor, he is equally amazing like Emmanuelle Riva. I would award Haneke for Best Director and his film for Best Picture as well. But we all know this won't happen, at least the Best Picture award.

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Originally Posted by Heretic
Oh hey look! Kitty got claws!
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Inside - 7/10

Hobo with a Shotgun - 10/10
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Forever Evil - 3.5/5
The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus - 3/5
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