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"Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhatten"....Oye what a crock of shit!! Jason appearing everywhere so fast...was stupid. No suspenseful chase scenes. A fatal boxing fight where Jason knocks the guys head right off....is lame!! 96% of a lousy cast..who couldn't act worth shit!! The girl who played the bitchy girl "Tamara" was ok. Scott Reeves is "Ok". Lead actress Jensen Daggett was all over the place with her performance. Not to mention all those visions and crap her character had of Jason as a boy was lame. She wasn't even born when Jason drowned.Oh...and at the end of the movie we see Jason consumed in all the toxic acid..and then turned back into a human little boy. LOL...what a crock of shit!! Worst screenplay ever written for this series. How they went ahead with this is totally absurd. Despite a few decent kills and Kane Hodder as "Jason", this is still the worst sequel in the series.


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Originally Posted by Rusted View Post
Zero Dark Thirty - 4/5
Waht is your overall impression of it?
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Lincoln 5/5

Fantastic movie. Could not find one single fault with it. The acting from the entire cast is just phenomenal, especially from Day Lewis. Such a quiet, understated performance and a marvel to witness. I could watch him on screen doing nothing but cutting his toenails and it would still be riveting. The scene where the amendment was passed to abolish slavery brought a tear to my eye.

Just brilliant. Speilberg could direct a movie like this in his sleep. Bring on the Academy Awards.

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Django Unchained- Best Tarantino film since Pulp Fiction. Probably my second favorite film of 2012, next to Dredd. 8.5/10
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Dredd - Good, but overrated as hell. The cast was good, the action was tight, and it certainly didn't shy away from the gore, but that's about it. The story is as cliche as it gets, and I never really bought the whole "rule book" for judges. They keep this ONE guy alive, because he's not 100% guilty(even though a psychic who is 100% right all the time, saw what he did). Meanwhile Dredd is killing anything that moves, proof of guilt, or not.

I also thought the film just looked strange in certain scenes. Mainly all the "slo-mo" bits. It's got this weird rainbow effect, that makes it look like you're watching a 3D movie, without the glasses. When I first rented it, I thought I got a 3D disc, but I guess not, 'cause it looked the same when I ordered it from TV. The film also gets rough in spots, like you're watching a VHS tape, for no real reason. Am I the only one who noticed these visual hiccups, or what?

That being said, I really wish I saw this in 3D, as it would've been one hell of a feast for the eyes. You could tell they were filming it specifically for 3D. All that slo-mo shit would've looked amazing in the theatre.

All in all, definately a good action movie, but I can't say I understand the universal praise it's getting as one of the best films of the year.


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Flirting with Disaster - 9/10
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the day after tomorrow (7/10)

crocodile dundee (7/10)

the hours (8.5/10)
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The Living Dead
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Drive (2011) - 10/10

I never get tired of watching this.
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The Living Dead
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It's cool that Django and Lincoln are getting good feedback, look forward to them.

Coco Before Chanel (7/10) - I've liked all of Audrey Tautou's films I've seen and this is another one. Was nicely made but pretty straight forward for a biopic, didn't ask too much of the audience.

Full Metal Jacket (8.5/10) - I love Kubrick and its interesting to have his take on the war film with his similar use of techniques and storytelling as his other films.

Texas Chain Saw 3D (3/10) - Already posted my thoughts in the thread. Awful, Awful writing.
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black coffee
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Silver Linings Playbook - 8/10
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