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Zinc Saucier
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Seven Psychopaths 9/10

Great Flick!!! No Shootouts? NOOOOOO!!!!!
Cult Draft!
1. Meet The Applegates
2. Big Top Pee-Wee
3. Fortress
4. Mask
5. Blankman
6. Purple Rain
7. Masters Of The Universe
8. Twilight Zone The Movie
9. Bio-Dome
10. The Tao Of Steve
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ATM - A decent sense of claustrophobia helps this one out but there was too much that the viewer is forced to overlook to really make it stand out from the pack. 5/10

*Updated 3/11 w/ FEMALE TEACHER IN FRONT OF THE STUDENTS disc review

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Rotting Corpse
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The Client (1994) - 8.5/10
Bad Santa (2003) - 9.5/10
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Colonel Cinematic
The Living Dead
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Diabolique - 10/10

Just got my Criterion Blu-Ray of this amazing film, and the transfer is beautiful.
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Bladerunner - 9/10

*Updated 3/11 w/ FEMALE TEACHER IN FRONT OF THE STUDENTS disc review

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H.P. Pufncraft
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Currently watching Baron Blood. Gotta love Bava.
Originally Posted by Kelli Staxxx
Are you gonna cum in my pussy?
43 Ladies and Counting....
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The Living Dead
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The Loved Ones. Not sure how to feel about it.

Now watching Where the Dead go to Die.
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Originally Posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
Hitchcock! 9/10 Very Well Done! Favorite scene was Alfred in the lobby/hall while the audience watched the shower scene it was pure BRILLIANCE.
I neeeeeeed to see this.

Originally Posted by Shoggoth View Post
watching Excision now.
Odd one that one, wish I got to see it all the way through.

Originally Posted by Rusted View Post

Such a twisted and clever movie.

Horrifying and hilarious.

Sam Rockwell is an absolute pisser. I loved it.
I only want to see it because Walken is in it.
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Originally Posted by Santa View Post
You are a sadistic, volatile and all over out of control internet cruise missile, that's what you are, Oxley.
Originally Posted by Wonderlust View Post
Do you have American animals in your Zoo's? Like Bears, Elephants and Giraffes?
My little idiot..
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Rotting Corpse
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End of Watch - 9/10

Loved it.
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The Necromancer
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A newly relocated family fall victim to a bunch of burglars, who not only rob but also begin to terrorize the frightened victims. When they see their chances and begin to fight back, things get totally out of hand in a very brutal manner.
Boy oh boy, I have been warned in several reviews about it, but I wasn't expecting such a nihilistic and brutal film. It first begins as an ordinary robbery, but it escalates especially in the last third in a very nasty way annd culminates at the end in total disaster, leaving me almost speechless.
Aside from the usual "why-they-did-act-like-that!?" moments from the unfortunate family, the whole thing was very realistic and hard to sit through. The ending is hard and almost a bit too much in terms of being believable, but in the end it remains intact with the whole tone of the movie.
Truly hardcore stuff from Spain.


The Bourne Legacy
A secret government program called operation outcome has to be eliminated in order not having a conspiracy exposed, involving all the evidence being destroyed, even the test persons. Our hero escapes the first wave and tries to find answers, along with a scientist, who also survived the intended killings. A cat and mouse game is about to begin.
Good new entry in the Bourne franchise, though it lacks a bit of depth in script and narration. The action scenes are fantastic, especially the motorcycle hunt in the streets of Manila. Jeremy Renner is inferior to Matt Damon, I am yet not convinced that he is a capable actor. However Rachel Weisz on the other side is good and plays her role just fine.
Good action flick with some really heart-stopping action moments, but story-wise a bit weak. Nevertheless, I was entertained.

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Originally Posted by Voodoo Doll
I would jizz on you if I were a man. I would jizz on everything if I had a penis for one day. Oh man I bet that feels so good. You guys are so lucky.
Originally Posted by Devonia
I like to skip dessert and get right down to relaxing after a meal with a hot bath and a facial.

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