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Deadly Fiend
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Little Shop of Horrors Director's Cut (1986) - 8/10

Return of the Living Dead Part II - 7/10
2015 All Genre Draft
Jaws 2
Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Rambo: First Blood Part II
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
Death Wish II
Amityville II: The Possession
Deathstalker II
American Pie 2
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
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H.P. Pufncraft
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Originally Posted by Heathen View Post
House at the End of the Street -- 3/10; The only thing I took away from this was the hope that Jennifer Lawrence and Leelee Sobieski will someday rub their boobs against each other.
You're thinking of the Director's Cut.
Originally Posted by Kelli Staxxx
Are you gonna cum in my pussy?
50 Hookers and Counting....
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The Revelator
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Originally Posted by Renacimiento View Post
I thought it was great. What ultimately is neither more nor less than a love story. It goes through our eyes as a spiritual catharsis. Through a visual style that almost gets to burn the screen by projecting the film, as do the memories of a past. It hurts when we are forced to leave it behind, but it is still hurting.
It certainly was interesting. I was really into it for the first hour but it lost me towards the end. The acting was pretty terrible as well, and I thought the two leads were assholes who deserved little sympathy. It irks me to see people pissing their time away (even though that is the point, i suppose). I didn't get a sad sense of loss for these reasons.

It was beautifully shot, colorful, intense, full of conflicting emotions, but overall it definitely felt like an amateur film. I'll keep my eye on the director... Even though I wasn't completely on board with this.
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aka Boobzilla
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Moonrise Kingdom
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The Living Dead
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Originally Posted by ReptilianPig View Post
Malpertuis [MAHL-pare-TWEE] aka Legend of Doom House (1971) Greek Mythology buff? You like "arthouse" film, too? This may be for you. Malpertuis... is a pure, dark delight. :kisses finger tips: Muah. - Oh, be wary of the French and English versions. This needs to be seen in the original Dutch tongue of Belgium.
I watched this recently too, and found it to be extremely good. I preferred it to Kümel's more well-known Daughters of Darkness.

Originally Posted by ReptilianPig View Post
Sanatorium Pod Klepsydra AKA The Hour-Glass Sanatorium (1973) MOVING CANVAS ON SCREEN. I've never seen such gaudy fucking wonderful[similar to Arrabal but not - I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse (1973), IE]. It's continuity is genius. This was almost like a chore to watch, but once you revisit places and people within the film, you get the feeling... of what is going on OVERALL, in the ambiance... and it's disheartening when interpreted like so. Great film. There will be no other to surpass it. Bravissmo, Poland.
One of my favourite films.
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black coffee
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The Social Network - 9/10
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Ils - 9/10
Critters - 6/10
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"Phantasm 3: Lord Of The Dead".... The 2nd best sequel in the series for me. It's an entertainingly non-stop ride in the quest to stop the Tall Man. It pretty much follows on from the previous entry, and capping off what had just transpired at the end of Part 2. The road trip continues through small rural towns, where an almost apocalyptic feel is crafted. Nonetheless the adventurous tone is there, but it's leaning more for comic humour and flat-out action, over the atmospheric spookiness and really intense moments as the first two movies. But it's Reggie Banister's(Reggie) show and there's nothing wrong about that because he makes for a likable heroine that's easy to root for. A. Michael Baldwin(Mike) and Bill Thornbury(Jody) reprise their roles and its great to see the original 3 characters back together again. Two new characters find there way in to help out out "Reggie"; played by Gloria Lynne Henry(Rocky) and Kevin Connors(Tim). These two bring biting persona's and they are fun to watch. Angus Scrimm in "Tall Man" mode is as menacing as ever - in appearance and the voice --- "It's time now BOY". Love it!! Director/writer Don Coscarelli keeps the unique vision alive, where his handling seems more focused (especially the writing) and complete. After the last film was produced by a film studio, this entry would go back the low-budget independent roots. The lively special effects and make-up FX were effectively executed, where it becomes more and more a centre piece with the lethal flying spheres, dimension portals, and the legion of dead serving under the Tall Man.


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Originally Posted by Heathen View Post
It's an amusing cut, but the H6 producers did this film a favor by fixing some pacing issues and maintaining the scares. Jamie's barn death is one of the best scenes in the series.
This has been the only scene in the franchise that honestly scared me/gave me chills. I went to see this when it was in theaters and it was the most memorable scene of the film. I love this movie and dont see why so many people hate on it.

Batman Begins - 10/10 I must say storywise I enjoy this one more than Dark Knight.
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Rotting Corpse
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Satan's School for Girls
The Cottage -
Friday the 13th Part 5
Lake Placid
April Fools
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