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Bad Boy Bubby (1993) - classic Aussie movie 10/10
The Terror Within (198?) - ultra cheesy Roger Corman produced flick, which is like another Alien rip-off. Extremely lame, but worth it for the cheese factor alone. 3/10

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
She gets shot four times at point blank range by Max at the end, and counts down her lives as he does it. I guess you could argue he didn't hit any vital organs, but then she proceeds to kill Max with an electric current, which she was attached to as well. Max is burned to a crisp, and yet she survives.

As for the "cat licking" scene, Burton didn't just throw it in there because it looked cool. He obviously wanted to convey that those cats had a part in her transformation. I suppose you could argue she wasn't actually dead, but it doesn't make it any less dumb that she was reborn as Catwoman, from a bunch of alley cats licking and biting her.
You're getting confused with that retarded Halle Berry movie. Catwoman was not supernatural in any way in Batman Returns - this blog explains it all: http://gothamalleys.blogspot.com.au/...ernatural.html . The supposed 'supernatural' aspects were only added to give mystery to the character.
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Originally Posted by Heathen View Post
Saw V -- 9.5/10; The second best entry in the franchise and a regular play in Heathen house.
Probably the worst of the franchise.
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Originally Posted by Mayday View Post
Yeah, I need to learn to sit down and watch movies at home, not while on 'puter or whateva. Although my interruptions were phone calls, and I let the movie play 'cause it was a long one and I didn't feel like staying up late just to keep watching it.

I must admit that the 'twist' at the end intrigued me a bunch. I absolutely hated the very, very end though. I thought that was pretty dumb and contrived.
You mean when he walks outside, and gets hit? What made it feel so forced? Just an honest question, I liked the ending.

This past weekend I had the chance to watch a bunch of Troma for the first time, so I watched The Taint, The Toxic Avenger, Citizen Toxie, Class of Nuke 'Em High, and Poultrygeist. Also watched Eternal Evil of Asia. They all get /10. I've never laughed so hard in my life.

hmm what else...

The Hunger Games - kinda split on this one. This movie captures the exact atmosphere I imagined while reading the book. Lots of lush greens, in a dense forest. District 12 was appropriately grey, and muddy. The capital was popping with neon colors. The action was ok, and I respect the makers for trying to add at least some brutality, while still trying to play to the younger crowd. The book is more graphic though, so I think maybe they could have went further. I hated how the movie explains things over again, that are easily understood (the hallucination scene is an example). Alot of the silent times in the woods from the book, don't translate well to film, because in the book, Katniss narrates those times with her thoughts. In the movie you don't know what she's thinking, and it just drags (2 hours 35 mins). The melodrama was a minimum in the movie, which is welcome, and separates it from other young adult novels translated to film. The politcal feeling of the book is still there, but Donald Sutherland was really boring in the role of the Capitols leader. Josh Hutchison looks like Mitt Romney the first half of the movie , and Jennifer Lawrence was decent, and brings good emotion to the character of Katniss. 7.5/10

Detention - this movie will inevitably be compared to the Cabin in the Woods. I think they both work well for different reasons. This movie is just batshit insane. The first 45 mins almost feel like anti-horror, becoming a comment on pop culture, sorta like mean girls, but then the movie shows its balls for the 2nd half. Time travel, a human fly, a killer named cinderhella that's a copycat from a fictional horror movie. It's basically a comedy/horror self aware movie, that tries to be a satire on humor horror movies like Scream, but then says fuck it, we'll just go crazy, and you'll like it. 10/10
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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Let's not go crazy here. Batman is a better, and far more focussed of an effort.

I think it's all equal to the original, with BR upping the ante in an appropriate way.

I liked the character design and the way Pfiefer represented her, but the actual character mythos was a bit much. I mean c'mon, after being murdered(basically), she gets licked to life by a bunch of alley cats and then to go the extra mile, she has 9 lives......literally.

That's actually the one main flaw in the film. Burton takes these characters a bit to literal. The Penguin is basically a "penguin", Catwoman is a "cat". It's all a bit much at times. It all sort of works, but you can't help but think "why?" when these characters are on screen.

I liked it plenty, and it sure isn't as bad as some want to remember it as. It's one of those flicks that "is what it is" for better or worse.
Returns works better for me as it's Burton firing on all cylinders. After the success of the first film he was given free reign to do what he wanted, and it shows. It's more Burton than Batman in every way.

These movies succeed or not with the choice of villain. Nicholson was an OK Joker but Catwoman and Penguin are a lot more fucked up.

Originally Posted by MovieGeek View Post
I'll go crazy and agree with Rusted. Returns is a better and more interesting film. Don't get me wrong I adore Burton's first Batman film but it felt to me he was much more comfortable with Returns than that film.
I agree.
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Originally Posted by BeRightBack View Post
You mean when he walks outside, and gets hit? What made it feel so forced? Just an honest question, I liked the ending.
I just felt it was contrived and not at all shocking. I've seen too many movies that had that ending. I felt just him walking away after the PM's wife was intercepted by Tom Wilkinson before she could talk to him was ending enough. Just my opinion.

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Night Of The Demons (1988 ) - 9/10
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (1973) - 9/10
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The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1970)-8/10

Vampire Journals (1997)-7/10

Jessicka Rabid (2010)

Troma pick that could have been pretty good but just didn't work for me. A throw back to 70's grindhouse sleaze. You can tell the director was trying but the muddy and ugly cinematography (desperately trying to look like a 70's film), the unconvincing performances and the unsatisfying and lame conclusion stop it from being worthwhile for sleaze fans.

Anything I liked? Trent Haaga's performance as the lead scumbag is pretty good (but ultimately he's underused), the music score is good and the lead actress' big funbags are nice to look at.

Skip it.


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Juan of the Dead -- 8/10; This took me by surprise, as its trailer did absolutely nothing for me. "Juan" kicks Shaun of the Dead to the curb with its superior story, characters, comedy, zombie action/killing, cinematography, and dare I say, poignant DRAMA (which is usually is a time waster in horror movies; here it works like a charm).
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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011, 6/10)
Thor (2011, 7/10)

The biggest problem these two flicks have is that I was never really a fan of either of the characters and just like I couldn't get into their comics I found both of these flicks to be quite boring. I got a chuckle out of seeing Tommy Lee Jones (Captain America) and Anthony Hopkins (Thor), thought the guys who played the title characters both did an alright job, and noticed only a few really bad cgi effects in each one, I just don't find a super soldier and The God of Thunder all that interesting.

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