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Originally Posted by CountOrlok View Post
Common misconception about this movie, is that Catwoman is supernatural. She didn't get "licked to life" by cats, the awnings broke her fall, so she wasn't killed. Also, she didn't have 9 lives, she was never killed by anything in the movie.. you're not supposed to take it literally.
She gets shot four times at point blank range by Max at the end, and counts down her lives as he does it. I guess you could argue he didn't hit any vital organs, but then she proceeds to kill Max with an electric current, which she was attached to as well. Max is burned to a crisp, and yet she survives.

As for the "cat licking" scene, Burton didn't just throw it in there because it looked cool. He obviously wanted to convey that those cats had a part in her transformation. I suppose you could argue she wasn't actually dead, but it doesn't make it any less dumb that she was reborn as Catwoman, from a bunch of alley cats licking and biting her.

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Originally Posted by HorrorMovieFan View Post
"LOTR: The Return OF The King"......An outstanding finish to a great epic action/adventure series. This movie makes me tear up at least 5 times every time. Great performances by Elijah Wood and Sean Astin. Where the fuck was Astin's Oscar nomination for Supporting Actor? What a gross overlook!! I know movies like this dont really garner Oscar noms for acting. But come on..these movies all have a terrific cast. If McKellen was able to pull a nom out in Fellowship...Astin had the material and scenes to do the same. He was nabbing various noms from many critic award circles and a few important critic circles, but somehow still got overlooked from the Globes, SAG , and Academy. More great special effects..wonderful battles... great music score...and top notch performances all around. The cast is superb! Great art direction,great directing, wonderful screenplay, and a gorgeous and touching song by Annie Lenox("Into The West") to end the movie. YAY for the movie making a total sweep at the 2004 Oscars...winning all 11 of their categories including Best Picture. Very well deserved!!


Originally Posted by Heathen View Post

HMFer, why are you so keen on the awards?
does it matter so much to you?

Originally Posted by Heathen View Post

No, no problem. *backs away slowly*
thats it, back away bitch
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the dark crystal (8.5/10)
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The Hunger Games - 9/10

Would have scored higher if Lenny Kravitz wasn't in it and there would have been more blood. Otherwise, damn good movie. Stanley Tucci was great. Can't wait for the next installment.
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Death Wish: The Face of Death (1994)

My least favorite of the series but I still enjoyed it.


1. Dragon Sound-Friends
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3. Michael Sembello-Rock Until You Drop
4. Motörhead-Hellraiser
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7. J. Geils Band-Fright Night
8. John McDermott-The Ballad of Harry Warden
9. AC/DC-Who Made Who
10. The Remnants-Bad Taste
11. The Dickies-Killer Klowns From Outer Space
12. Frankie Vinci-Angela's Theme
13. Smokey Miles feat. Adrian Perry - The Hunter
14. Kayne West-Gay Fish
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Lockout 4/10

Another wasted hour-and-a-half. All the worse 'cause the film had a few good things going for it and managed to fumble them all into the mud.
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Star Trek ('09)
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Saw V -- 9.5/10; The second best entry in the franchise and a regular play in Heathen house.
Originally Posted by RomeroCarpenter Fan View Post
does it matter so much to you? M?
This is serious shit!
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Holy shit, what a disappointment.

After seeing all the glowing reviews here I was really looking forward to it. Sure, it kept me somewhat entertained, but nothing made sense. No explanation to anything...nada.

All the scary build-ups just fell flat and never reached a satisfying climax.

Hype, hype, hype...blaaaah.

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Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
I actually really loved The Ghost Writer. In my opinion, it deserves another shot!
Yeah, I need to learn to sit down and watch movies at home, not while on 'puter or whateva. Although my interruptions were phone calls, and I let the movie play 'cause it was a long one and I didn't feel like staying up late just to keep watching it.

I must admit that the 'twist' at the end intrigued me a bunch. I absolutely hated the very, very end though. I thought that was pretty dumb and contrived.

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Soggy Bottom Boys- Man of Constant Sorrow
Karen O- Immigrant Song
Foster the People- Helena Beat
Julee Cruise- Into the Night
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Noel Gallagher- Teotihuacan
Greg Kihn Band- The Breakup Song
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