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"Creepshow"...One of my alltime faves. Such a terrific classic. My fave segment is The Crate. LOL.....I love Adrienne Barbeau in here. What a riot to watch!! Fathers Day and Something To Tide U Over are great too. Get such a kick out of Viveca Lindfors character "Aunt Bedilia". Ted Danson and Leslie Neilson were also top notch. Zombies, monsters, blood, suspense, spooky atmosphere, and gore......make this movie a real treat to watch. Tom Savini and Romero did great work with the makeup and directing. The 2nd last segment...They're Creeping Up On You...is deadly. Such a creepy tale that literally makes u squirm. Yuck!! When all those cockroaches thrust out of that old mans body and fill that room....makes me shiver!! A terrific cast with solid and spirited performances all around!

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Amusement -- 6/10; This was apparently much maligned upon its release, but I found it eminently watchable and relished its extended "clown" scene, which is one of the best in the genre. I wish the whole movie had been centered around that freaky-ass clown.

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night of the demons (6/10)
Good score. Most tend to overrate it.

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Horror in Red, White, and Blue.

Not a bad little horror doco, that spans from the 'first' horror film and goes brings us to the string of remakes (pre nightmare and friday).

Some features would have been nice though, cunts.
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Feed (2005)
8 / 10

Typical thriller in structure and approach but addresses an issue twisted without any scruple or restraint.

And despite having as a protagonist one of the most stupid and hateful that I remember (making good cop and unscrupulous, but with a tender human component... a role that doesnt believe nor himself ), the film entertains whilst repugnant.
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300 - I freakin' love this movie but I don't about the prequel/sequel/side-quel they're making.. I heard it's about Xerxes.. though I kind of love Ancient Greece and Greek mythology, so I wish they would just concentrate more on that. Lena Headey and Gerard Butler are awesome and what made the movie for me. I read up on Ancient Sparta and the battle in question too, extremely fascinating 9/10
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Saw - 9/10

Saw II - 6/10

Saw III - 7.5/10

Saw IV - 9/10 (my favorite Saw film)
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Bullhead from Belgium revolves around Jacky Vanmarsenille, a cattle farmer who is approached by a ruthless Veterinarian suggesting him a lucrative deal with a shady West-Flemish beef trader. This has sweeping consequences for the young farmer, who has, among other odds, subsequently to deal with the belgian hormon mafia.
This was an absolutely outstanding film in terms of character study, the inability to escape ones destiny and the subsequent consequences, in this case very tragic ones. All is sorted out well, script, cinematography, acting.
Get your hands on this, if you dig films with a message and depth regarding in characters. And it is very saddening as well.
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I Spit On Your Grave ('7 - hmm, It was good enough. Maybe the remake, and this are on about the same level. didn't like either one better, or worse than the other. Camille Keaton is a seductive stunner in this movie. It was kinda sad to see her put through all that gyrating (which I laughed at, because it looked so awkward, and fake) throughout the movie. Somehow though, this movie felt more restrained than the remake. Probably because a quick slice off/bleed out in the bathtub in seductive silence is more real than tying some dude up in blow off his own nuts with a shotty. A true 70's horror movie, it's dark in tone, with minimal score, like other movies around that time such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 7.5/10

Backstage - documentary of Roc-a-fella's Hard Knock Life tour. It's a pretty raw look at tour life. Smokin blunts, shitty tour busses, shameless hos, and 1 hour of performance time, where the artist can escape even though they are onstage in front of thousands.

Paper Soldiers - a Roc-a-fella movie staring Kevin Hart as a professional b&e thief who just wants to support his family. If you've seen movies like "Friday" or "I Got the Hook-up", you'll prob enjoy this. 7.5/10

Eddie Murphy's RAW - Man this guy lost himself in Hollywood. He was so edgy, and different back when he made this. It wasn't the best standup I've seen, but it was funny enough. 7.5/10

Beverly Hills Cop - love this movie. Love Eddies jokester attitude throughout the film. Love that Mike from Breaking Bad is in this looking young as hell. Love Rosewood. Fav. part of the movie..."We're not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe" 8/10
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Nazi Love Camp 7 (1969) ~ 4/10

This movie is more for men then women. No blood, no beatings, just nude women and fake sex


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Nekromantik - 9/10
Nekromantik 2 - 8/10
Schraam - 8/10
Mermaid In A Manhole - 8/10
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