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Originally Posted by Santa Sangre View Post
Exploitation day at Santas house, let's see what scum I have consumed:

Flavia The Heretic

Story about a nun, who loses faith in the church and her beliefs due to the invasion of muslims in her home country Italy.
Some pretty graphic stuff is hidden in this one, nudity and some sex is included also. Amateurish acting, but this was actually part of the experience.
Worth a watch, when you dig the mixture of violence and tits.


Ilsa, The Warden
Story about a female warden of a psychatric facility in the midst of a jungle in South America. The reign of terror, torture and suprression preserves her regime. But things take a turn, when a young woman comits herself to the hospital in order to find out proof for the death of her man, who did under mysterious cirumstances.
Pretty vile and sleazy flick with the goddess of sleaze and exploitation, Dianne Thorne. Her physique ans charisma still amazes to this day, at least me. She knows how to act evil and suppressive, perfect role again for her nasty and dirty character. Besides that, there's lot of nudity, gratuitous violence and of course...sex. Good flick with an evil, but satisfying twist.


Ilsa, She-Wolf Of The SS
A female nazi warden leads an concentration camp, in which medical and inhuman experiments are being held, in order to help the Third Reich to win the war.
This is the most notorious film of the Ilsa series, still utterly disgusting and nasty as hell. Remembers a bit of similiar entries in this genre like Men Behind The Sun, yet this isn't that brutal and nihilistic as the japanese film. But still, it depicts very harsh violence, sex and of course, Diannes huge gazoongas. Which is always a win.


Good to have you back. I am still missing braindead, I miss this bitch very much. But I don't know how to bring him to the old forum here.
I'm a big fan of Flavia. Ilsa is always fun sleaze too!

*Updated 3/11 w/ FEMALE TEACHER IN FRONT OF THE STUDENTS disc review

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Bad Batch - exactly what the title implies. It's about a group of stoners who eat a bad batch of pot brownies, and then wig out. I actually enjoyed this movie, because I could relate to it. You are so easily influenced when you are in that state, that the simplest negative wording can make you hyper paranoid to the point that you feel like you are worthless, or are dying... Their stoner banter is extremely literal to convos that I've had. 7/10

Brutal Massacre - about a hack horror movie director that had one big hit and now, years later, can't let that go. Now he has one last chance to make his mark, but strange random occurences keep happening, leading his cast and crew of old time friends to wonder if his sets are cursed. This isn't a horror movie. It's a mockumentary/satire film about a horror director making really bad z-movie films. It's pretty damn funny and witty at times (like having the director go to a film festival, and be praised as being a feminist for having an unintentionally blurry tit shot in the film). But in the end, I felt like it didn't go far enough. 7/10
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The Devil Inside 6/10
Creature 2/10
The Woman in Black 6/10
Surveillance 1/10

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Special Thanks to H.P. Pufncraft for making you want to click on my brain!!

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The Ripper (1985)

Cheesy but entertaining SOV flick. Hilarious performances, funny dialogue, great gore and a fun performance by Tom Savini in the finale.

For SOV fans only.


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Bloody Mama

Originally Posted by Jim Van Bebber

Well....I love old SPFX. They had personality....C.G.I. is boarder-less, nameless and soul-less.
Originally Posted by Jim Van Bebber

I refuse to die to Pixels......my world is 24 f.p.s. Film.
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"The Cabin In The Woods"...OMG, what to say about this almost complete shitfest? Even the sexy Chris Hemsworth couldn't save this film. Only good thing I enjoyed was the zombies and some of the bloody gore. The cabin setting and the basement findings held some promise, but went downhill fast. I will never watch this crap again!!

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Goon - I'm Canadian, and this movie still sucked.


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"Graduation day"....This 1981 slasher is complete cheese and is low rated, but its still a classic and these 80's slashers are always worth the look. There is a few good kills and some nice bloody gore, but the movie majorly lacks suspense and intense atmosphere. Not to mention some gross dialogue. Christopher George is the only standout actor in the cast. E Danny Murphy as "Kevin" was ok, but the dialogue for him cost him in the most important scenes at the end.

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