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Classic Horror From earliest Horror Classics - 1950's.

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Richard Bastard
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Vincent Price and Boris Karloff are my top favorites, with Chris Lee in a close third.

Really, I love all the old classic actors, but these three were the best of the bunch, acting wise.
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Rotting Corpse
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I don't have just one I have a few...

Peter Cushing
Vincent Price
Christopher Lee
Lon Chaney, Jr.
Boris Karloff
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Dead & Messed Up
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01. Boris Karloff
02. Lon Chaney
03. Vincent Price
04. Christopher Lee
05. Peter Cushing

To hell with Lugosi.
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Horror Chase
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Boris Karloff
Vincent Price
Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing
Bela Lugosi
Claude Rains
Ricou Browning
Lon Chaney (Both Jr. and Sr.)
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Fresh Kill
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Bela Lugosi.
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Clockwork Black
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Its a tough call between Bela Lugosi or Vincent Price.

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The Spook
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Max Schreck,
Dwight Frye,
and Christopher Lee.
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Midnight Spookshow
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Undoubtedly, Boris Karloff and Vincent Price are my favorites out of all the Classic Horror stars. I feel that these two in particular had the most charisma which is why they were able to portray so many different characters throughout their career.

However, that doesn't take away from the others whom had memorable parts in my favorite films.

Lon Chaney Sr. and Jr.
Bela Lugosi
Dwight Frye
Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing

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Big Poppa
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