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Fresh Kill
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Default Rob Zombie's 31

Looks like the upcoming horror film is set on Halloween night and features clown character

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For the people that don't feel like clicking on another link:

Rob Zombie Talks í31,í Confirms Halloween Backdrop!

Ryan Turek

June 25th 2014, 9:24 am

I know it wasn't a reach to speculate that Rob Zombie's next film 31 had something to do with the Halloween season, but I did so right here when his project was announced back in May. Rob Zombie himself has confirmed that the film takes place on October 31st with Radio Metal in a recent interview, but he's being coy about offering any further details.

He did say, however:

All I can tell you is that itís a completely original idea, itís something new. Itís not based on anything. Iíll start shooting the movie in the fall. So hopefully starting from October, Iíll start shooting it. For right now, Iím going to keep the details secret. But itís not based on anything.
In terms of the reaction to the teaser image and the Captain Spaulding references it received from the online community, Zombie added:

Thereís a clown thing in the movie, but it has nothing to do with Captain Spaulding. And what is in the movie doesnít look like Captain Spaulding either, maybe the people think the poster does but the movie wonít.
More on this film as it comes in!

As for the hockey movie he was going to direct about the Philadelphia Flyers, called Broad Street Bullies, he says that project is on hold until it finds its funding.
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Mormo Zine
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I'm a big fan of Rob Zombie and really hope this movie gets made but Rob Zombie announces a lot of projects that never get made so I am not holding my breath.
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The Living Dead
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hopefully, all the uptight legions of halloween fans can breath a sigh of rob seems intent on making a horror/halloween movie that has nothing to do with michael myers.

waitaminnit...did he say a clown?

anyway, rock on with yo'self, rob!

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