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Originally Posted by ReptilianPig View Post
"I have no idea what this is, but sure am glad it's here."

- How many words can you type a minute?

> "14 - if you aren't worried about accuracy."

Oh man, this movie is somethin.' I had a copy that I recently sold for like 80 bucks. This is a bad ass slasher. The ginger is the greatest.

Afterhours. High rise building. Lingerie inventory. Perfect.
Throw in some crispy Chinese food, ancient demons, shower scene tittEEEEs[when the women in distress are not clad in lingerie and high heels], machine guns, Orville Ketchum... At the toppish near the bad-good category.
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"Slumber Party Massacre 3"..... The 3rd and final entry in the series. It went back to the basics of a slasher (like part 1)..which makes it way better than Part 2. Some of the kills in this one are pretty good. Sara in her car, Janine jumping through the window and then later we see her dead body with her guts hanging out.The character of Maria was sure slaughtered on the floor too. Lots of pretty girls and handsome guys(especially the killer played by Brittain Frye). However this campy cheesy flick is plagued by bad acting. Most of the female cast are pretty bad. But what do u expect from fun and cheesy slasher flicks such as this. Standout cast members for me though are Maria Claire who played "Susie" and Hope Marie Carlton who played "Janine". The main actress Keely Christian who played "Jackie" is "ok" for the most part. I have to also mention that Maria Ford who plays "Maria" is grim looking with the most gross breasts/nipples I have ever seen! She was also laughable spotting a long haired wig and trying to act sexy and strip dance. LMAO!! All in all though..the movie is the 2nd best in the series and ranks up there with the 1st. Awesome kills, blood splatter, suspense, action, and a bit of mystery all add to the movie. Good stuff!!

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