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Default Pit and the Pendulum (1961)

Pit and the Pendulum (1961) is one of those Roger Corman/Vincent Price adaptations of a Poe work. The film is a great example of how 3 great horror minds can come together to make a masterpiece (even though Poe was dead long before the movie was made). Corman obviously put a lot of thought into how he shot this film and the end result is one beautiful, stunning image after another (my personal faves are the 2 shots of the corpse in the casket, the entire climax sequence where the films hero is tied to the slab with the pendulum coming down, and the films final shot [more on this later]). Price is at the top of his game as Don Medina, perfectly portraying the man's descent into madness, as well as what happens after he finally cracks (Price conveys more with simple facial expressions in this film than most modern actors could do with 1,000 pages of dialogue). The supporting cast (Barbara Steele as Don Medina's wife, some dude with the last name Kerr who plays Don Medina's brother-in-law, the lady who plays Don Medina's sister, and the dude who plays the doctor) all turn in good performances. Now, back to that final shot, it's Steele's carachter(sp) locked in what I think is an iron maiden, wearing a gag, and realizing that she's never getting out (this is confirmed by Don Medina's sister saying "no one will ever enter this room again" right before you see the shot). I found this shot to be one of the best images I've ever seen in a horror flick (or any other type of flick) and a real kick in the nads, it's just really beautiful and creepy.


I gotta say, I'm really suprised that a film this awesome didn't already have a thread , oh well, it's got one now.
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Atmospheric and chilling movie lead by the legendary Vincent Price in a fine and subtle performance.I have watched this many times and I would say this ranks high up on the list of the best of Vincent Price horror movies.
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This one is the best horror movie in the year 1991,and the information given here after that i seeing this movie so thankful for it.I liked this movie because here three different horror mind works for make a one masterpiece which is wonderful to see.The facial expression and sound quality of this movie is wonderful and it creates horror effect on mind.
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I saw clips of this movie when I was in 8th grade because we did a whole unit on Poe, and I just watched this again yesterday. I love Vincent Price, he's so dang creepy.
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This is my second favorite Vincent Price/Roger Corman features. Love this film, the end is one of Prices' finest.

Love too see these films on BluRay!
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My favorite scene has got to be where Price flashes back to his childhood and sees his mother and uncle get tortured.

This whole movie is just so eerie
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Probably Corman's best movie, although I'm sure others qualify. Regardless, Price is excellent in this (as always), and I love the movie's atmosphere, even though the film isn't at all straight adaption of Poe's classic short story. I love the ending, too-its wonderfully sinister and surprising. Corman also had a great eye for visuals in these types of movies, which is remarkable considering how low budget they all were.
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I watched this again last night and although it didnít induce the abject terror I experienced upon first viewing it is still a creepy treat and Price as allways is a delight to watch as man on the very edge of obsession and insanity. The temptation to watch this again soon with Cormanís commentary is not one I will resist for long.
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I think I have to see this.

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Love this film. Saw it like a month or two ago on netflix instant and gave it a watch. Super eerie film with a great plot.
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