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I'm really into Laurell K. Hamilton. I'm not sure if she's really considered horror or more fantasy. She writes about vampires, lycanthropes, fey, and goblins. Just about every mythical creature you can come up with. Her main character in one series is a vampire executioner, who is also a necromancer. She also adds a bit of romance in there with racy sex.
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stephen king
richard laymon(atm)

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I love Poe and Koji Suzuki, although I'm not sure if Suzuki falls into the category.

Originally Posted by MikeBonomo View Post
Palanuck - is not really horror but horrific.
I think you misspelled that, do you mean Palahniuk?

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I love many of Shaun Hutson's books; especially Slugs & Breeding Ground.
Some of James Herbert's books are fantastic, but his recent works seem to have gone down the pooper.
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Hey Rustin. Hot Zone was a great scary book eh? The fact that it's a true story makes it a really scary read.
Christopher Fowler is a great British author. I like the Texan style writing Joe R Lansdale and Richard Laymon (his Dreadful Tales are fab). I've read all of James Herbert's, recommend The Others (nothing to do with the Nicole Kidman film BTW).
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As far as actual writing is concerned, very few can touch Ketchum's dialogue and characters (King being the obvious exception). I find a lot of horror writers are pretty lame authors who get off being gory (ie: most of Keene's stuff is pretty popcorn). A few other good ones:

Gary Braunbeck
Christopher Golden
Richard Laymon
A few of Bentley Little's novels (The Revelation, The Summoning), although he's got some shitty ones here and there.

But the king of unique horror has got to be Tom Piccirilli...go read A Choir of Ill Children and tell me it ain't some crazy shit. Poetic and totally bizarre, and one of my favorite authors of any genre.

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3.Algernon Blackwood
4.Arthur Machen
5.Richard Matheson
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HP Lovecraft
Richard Matheson
Stephen King
Ira Levin -- surprised nobody's mentioned him
Robert Bloch
Peter Straub
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Bentley Little, hands down.
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