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any way good stuff
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Watched it the other day
"Can you prove it didn't happen?"
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(IMO) The greatest movie ever made! NO JOKE
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Post Wow

I can't believe they're going to re-make this movie.

I was about 13 when i first saw it,and i've been in love with Ed Wood movies ever since.
Miss Illusion
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i saw the film when i was just a girl, saw it again recently with my son who came home from college (he's studying to be a movie producer/director)
the film was awful, but silly. it was a shame that actually ed wood thought it was so wonderful. i told my son, you ever produce any films like that, i'll deny knowing you to the public!!!
the part where old bela left his house then you heard him scream as he was "supposedly" hit by a car. off screen...oh i laughed so damn hard!
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hahaha I love this movie so much. I even have a Plan 9 from Outer Space t shirt.
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I love every minute of it. Its probably the worst film in the universe but it has character and it is surely a unique piece of art!
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The only way a remake of this would even remotely work is if they reproduced the entire film SHOT for SHOT...if they approach the remake from any other angle it will be misguided, there is no formula for movies that are so bad there good, remaking this movie would be an exercise in redundancy.
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Ardeth Blood
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Conrad Brooks who was one of the young cast members is doing the remake so it should be as close to the original as possible. Everything he does is in the style of Ed D Wood Jr.
His 1996 film "Blood Slave of the Vampire Wolf" had a lot of scene that were identical to Plan 9.
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go to see this movie.
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