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Golden Age Horror movies from the 1960's - 1980's.

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If you like your Horror Films beautifully-done with deep meaning, check out this great 80s film directed by NEIL JORDAN director of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.
It's a witty, intellegent, sexy werewolf anthology with bits of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD thrown it.
Production values and special effects are top-notch.
Pretty gory,too!
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I've always wanted to see this. Love the guys other horror film.
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I saw this at a young age and it freaked me out. An interesting movie, but the story by Angela Carter was pretty intense.
I totally recommend a book that contains this I read at A Level for school called "The Bloody Chamber" which has many short stories that are an advocate for modernised goth horror writing.
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I too saw this film at a very young age. My father put it on one night when I must've been maybe 8 years old, and it took me years and years and years to find out what movie it was. I always remembered how badly this movie freaked me out as a kid, especially the dinner party scene (you know what I'm talking about those who've seen it).

Track it down and buy it people, it's definately one of the most creative films I've ever seen, in any genre.
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Yuck. This was a bad movie. Boring, weird.

I saw the DVD at HMV, $31.99, way over priced. Eventually the DVD crumbled down to $3.99, and then I bought it. Worth the price maybe. Or less.
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Company of Wolves is great! It's a bizarre and surreal psychoanalytic playground of gender and burgeoning sexuality. I love Granny's (Angela Lansbury) lines: ''Never stray from the path, never eat a windfall apple and never trust a man whose eyebrows meet'' and ''The worst kind of wolf is hairy on the inside.'' The set design and special effects are very creative but also really theatrical, so it's understandable that one's first impression would be "this is totally cheesy." Watch it again, though! Lots of blatant symbolism, faithful to the Grimm fairytale. I found it much more spooky and awesome the second time around.

I used to stare at the VHS box in the video store when I was little and get so freaked out. The wolf basically bursts through the guy's skin in lieu of the classic lycanthropic metamorphosis we're all used to.
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Sweet One
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I love this movie. Based on Angela Carter's short story. It is the "Legend" of horror movies, although "Pumpkinhead" and "Bram Stoker's Dracula" could also have that title in terms of being atmospheric.
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Visitor Q
The Living Dead
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I'm a big fan of this movie. Neil Jordan is one my favorite directors. In The Company Of Wolves and The Butcher Boy are two of my favorites.
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Rotting Corpse
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IMO an underrated horror film of the 80s, with a fine cast, eerie score and sets and the makeup is jawdropping. the film is based on short stories.
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Sam Haine
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Originally Posted by caroleledoux View Post
That rocks. Okay, now I have to see this movie.
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