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Yeah, we ended up seeing, I think it was, the dark knight, can't really remember though. That was a good flick too anyway.
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Originally Posted by xCindyfan2008x View Post
I think the Dvd is out in the uk soon anyway.
January 5th, so you've still got quite a wait unless you *cough* download it *cough*.
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Great flick, I had never even heard of it until I saw it and I was blown away. Probably one of my top 5 favs of 2008.

I like how it started off with Karate Kid style bullying and escalated to something much worse from there. Besides the main kid pulling all the strings, the mentality and reactions of the kids was very human and showed each kids personality. Except the black kid, he was a quiet cold-blooded sucka that enjoyed every moment.
See this movie if you havent. Totally flew in under my radar.

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i was watching this on my computer in the laundromat the other night and had to stop it because i thought it was scaring people off. haha

but yeah, i thought it was really good and it made me hate the kids and it wouldn't have surprised me if something like this actually happened.

Spoiler Below
that indian kid's death was probably one of the most horrific things i've ever seen/heard, even though it mostly happened off screen. man, that scream...
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If I didn't dispise Chavs before, I most certainly do now. Seriously, there's a group of little punks that need a good leathering. It was a good film. Pretty powerful stuff, I mean I could easily relate to it; I thought the Chavs were portrayed pretty fuckin' accurately.

Good, harrowing British film.
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Quite possibly one of the most harrowing films I've seen this year.

I live in Grimsby where these types of people are prevalent so this film was really....horrible!
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I watched this the other night, after reading many negative reviews on it. I was actually quite entertained by it even though the characters frustratingly make the stupidest mistakes. I also think the ending was way too far fetched and OTT, shocking yes, but with all the evidence etc I can't see this happening. Interesting film about this kind of youth culture that seems to be so dominant in the press lately.
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I saw it a few weeks ago.Was a good film but not what id call a horror film more of a thriller,loved the ending totally unexpected
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This was/is one fucked up movie. Highly recommend.
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I am still to sit and watch this, I have been meaning to watch it for about a week now! I like some of the reviews that it has been getting though
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