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Originally Posted by alleywaykrew View Post
Since my posts keep getting deleted...I'll just say about this flick that I never really understood all the hate. It's not a great film by any means, and it's certainly not as good as the original...but as far as remakes go (especially all the remakes since), it's pretty damn good.
My Platinum Dunes jab got yanked too.

Anyway, I'm rather 'meh' about the movie, but it's by far the best thing Bay's hack farm has shit out.
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The remake was great. I saw it for the first time in freshman year health class. I'm not sure what it has to do with drugs/alcohol. Maybe because they were going for weed? The only seen I didn't like was when Pepper got cut up by Leatherface. I mean really bitch, just run!
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I liked the first couple times I watched but listening to Biel sing LS more than that is fucking annoying. It also feels like they tried way to hard to be edgy and ultra hip.

Now it seems like a chore to sit through, Bay and PD should be banned from touching old films. JMO

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Originally Posted by indecent actions View Post
Bay and PD should be banned from touching old films. JMO
Yeah, I'm sure they're working on legislation for that as we speak.
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I really enjoyed the remake and I didn't have a lot of high hopes of liking it to begin with.....not much of a Jessica Biel fan, but she did pretty good.

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i love the remake, its a completely different film to the original so i dont know why people compare the two. the original is still the most disturbing film ive ever seen, i still find it disturbing, but the remake is perfect for when you're drunk, stoned or just want to look at jessica biels hot ass for 90 minutes.

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Well...the original is one of my favorite movies of all time, so it was rather doubtful that any of the sequels (oringal series or new) would top that. That said, I really hate the original sequels. TCM 2 is good from time to time with a sack of bud and a big pitcher of beer, but thats about it. 3 and TNG are horrid. TNG in particular is truly one of the very worst movies I have EVER encountered (and that is really saying something)!

As for the "new" series? I liked the remake, thought is was good and inventive, as well as staying pretty grim all the way through. Wasnt thrilled with the ending but I let it slide cause I enjoyed the other 3/4 so much.

Then we have TCM: TB...and my feelings about this are prone to sparking virtual riots round these parts. Aside from the original (obviously) this is easily my favorite of the series. Now here's where I get all crazy: in all honesty I think The Beginning is the BEST NO-NONSENSE, NO FRILLS, SET 'EM UP AND KNOCK 'EM DOWN SLASHER MOVIE SINCE THE FINAL CHAPTER. Fuckin 'A, man! This was just a solid, streamlined, go for broke slasher movie that didnt pretend to be anything else. It was like the exec's said "well we already tampered with all this new age bullshit, lets see if we can make a new one in the old style that kids flocked to in the 80's"...fine by me! This was basically a non-stop, VERY flimsy plotted gore show that tipped it's hand in the opening five minutes and then ran with it for the remaining 75. I compare it to TFC due to both of them just dealing wave after wave of carnage. The ol' lets make someone die every ten minutes mentality (I know the body count in TB isnt up to snuff as far as sheer numbers are concerned, but the brutality of the kills makes up for it). But yeah, turn your brain off, pop either of these two in the DVD and get ready to just float along a blissful river of blood, stopping briefly at road signs that look that look suspiciously like hacked up teenagers. Sheeeet man, I wan't another post 2000 TCM, and even moreso a back-to-basics Jason kill fest!
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Default Texas Chainsaw massacre

Dont get me wrong The original is my fav horror film of all time
just the way it looks, very raw and real. but the remake i did enjoy
i thought it sort of stayed true to the original.

by the way.. Texas Chainsaw massacre:The next Generation
is actually a remake of the original, and it's one of the worst film
ever made. so their's two remakes.
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This is my favorite horror film of all time.

I've seen it too many times to count and I absolutley love it. I think it' s better then the original. I love the original version too, but this one is better in my opinion.

I remember it scaring the shit out of in theatres and I've loved it ever since.

To me, it's the perfect horror film.

I know most will disagree with all the praise I'm giving it, but it's just one of those movies that I've always loved and always will.
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I agree.

The original is a masterpiece, and like you said, as far as remakes go, this one is pretty damn good. The thing about the original is that it's more effective. It's one of those rare cases where a lack of budget actually helped the final product to great (and chilling) effect.

The remake had a more Hollywood budget and to be honest, lacked some of the soul of the original, but it was watchable. I really thought R. Lee Ermey was creepy as hell in the Sherrif Hoyt role. I also liked the feel of the flick. It's so gritty; by the time it was over, you almost want to wash your hands...

But yes, the original was awesome, and it can't be touched.

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