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Foreign Horror Discussion for horror films from non US markets

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The Living Dead
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Originally Posted by dead breed View Post
Na man .. You're just keep it real!
Thanks dude, moral support means as much to me at this point as financial does. There is also a recording studio I pretty much built myself where I record and mix all my bands stuff. I wanna get some folks in there because that is a great means of making money as well. I would love to turn the whole operation into my full time gig and make my money that way. It would be a dream come true. I'll post some more pics and stuff sometime.
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Rotting Corpse
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Originally Posted by Shoggoth View Post
Here is a picture of the place set up for the movie showing. It has a 110in screen and a surround system. The back doorway is blocked out with that skull because it is a mess back there right now. I work for a local haunted house called The Devil's Attic and the movie screenings are for local haunters only because we are trying to unite the haunt community:

Generally we run a music venue out of the space with a pretty nice PA. We also rent the space for events. We have had some financial trouble lately and we are gonna be launching an indiegogo campaign soon to try and raise some money.
Man you've got some awesome stuff going on. Good luck with everything, The Devil's Attic sounds really cool, wish I had a haunted house near me.
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Rotting Corpse
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Originally Posted by Cause of Death View Post
You know, I just watched it again last night (albeit on DXM, so that may have confused my sensibilities) and I kinda have to agree with you. It showcases some of the most mind-bogglingly stupid character behavior ever portrayed on film. There's a laundry list of gaping plotholes too. And, most disheartening for me, the kills and gore really arent nearly as great as I remembered them to be (the C-Section being an exception; that's one of the best scenes i've ever seen in a horror film). Still really looking foward to Livid based on what i've heard, though.
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