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Default Exorcist: The Beginning/Dominion (2004)

"Exorcist: The Beginning"....This prequel to the infamous "The Exorcist", tells the backstory of Father Merrin (Stellan Skarsgard) and his first encounters with the demon Pazuzu in East Africa, and eventually the rediscovery of his faith. The film suffers from some bad dialogue and also lacks a bit with some really scary/discturbing scenes. The dark contrast in many scenes makes it hard to see at times, and some of the so-called scares are weakly done. I know the makers had to re-shoot this film from one director and producer to another group, so I think there are two versions out there and with 2 different titles. Either way, I do like this version and some of the storyline plots involving Merrin and the evil grounds and areas where these abominations take place. The part where Father Francis(James Darcy in a solid performance) reveals that where they are situated is the spot where Lucifer fell to earth from Heaven after being cast out, is a cool point of interest. The opening scenes of the movie with thousands of dead/dying soldiers and priests relates to this revelation. All the scenes involving the buried/underground Church are full of mystery and creepy atmosphere and the final battle at the end is creepy and thrilling. There are many things to point out(good and bad), but all in all, this is an ok movie/prequel and is not a total fail!!

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