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Default Vinyl Records and Record Players

Couldn't find this topic here.

I recently came across a few of my old records in the basement, plus I just won a new one on Ebay. Unfortunately, I have no way to play them, as my old record player is shot to hell.

Can anyone recommend a player that they know/like? Brands? The ones I have been looking at are those 'nostalgic' players; they are designed like ones from the 50s/60s, yet include a radio and cd player. The reviews for these machines are spotty at best. The only thing I am really looking for is the turntable though. I'd like to keep costs low, and I don't have any speakers, so built-in speakers are pretty much my sole option at the moment. Any suggestions? Also, any advice on care and maintenance for the record player is appreciated.

While we are at it, discuss vinyl records in general. Anyone collect? What's your most prized LP? Anyone out there who thinks vinyl is the best way to listen to music? I can't say that I feel that way, but my vinyl knowledge is limited. I am going to start collecting again though.

Thanks for the help.

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Fresh Kill
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I would say that Numark makes some alright cheap belt-drive turntables or I know Urban Outfitters sells cheap ones as well. Two of my friends just picked up a Crosley one from Target and they say its pretty awesome. For $100 it's got:
3-Speed Turntable (33/45/78 RPM) with CD Player, Turntable, AM/FM Radio
Single-Disc Player
Plays CDs, Cassettes
2 Speakers , Speaker Type: Built-In
Modes: Sleep Mode, Repeat Mode
Features Front LED Display
Inputs: 3.5mm Aux Input Jack
Other Features: Built-In Speakers, Front-Loading CD, Side-Mounted Cassette Deck, Diamond Stylus Needle
17.75" x 9.5" x 13.5 "
Sounds like a good deal to me but I have yet to hear anything played off of one. Heres the link
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I have a Craig turntable I picked up from work for $20. It's crappy, but it works. I collect vinyl, but probably only own around 75 records.
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If you want to go even cheaper, has a Audio Technica AT-PL50 for $69.99. I bought one because you dont need a pre-amp, it will work with anything with an aux. jack. It's basic but I'm very happy with it. I've also found some higher end stuff on Ebay cheap because it needed a needle or belt. A great place for replament parts is
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indecent actions
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I use to DJ a little and I still have my 2 Technics turntables, American Audio mixer, and loads of 45's, 78's and LP's. The turntables arent quite nostalgic but I have had them for 10 years or so and they are still in perfect for quality I would go with those.

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I'm a fairly casual record buyer.....I basically only buy records that have some sort of rarity to them. I only own about 50 albums. I bought my record player from Goodwill as well as my speakers. the record player has been doing fine, but I've had to re-buy speakers on multiple occasions.
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I own 101 records that was handed down to me from my pops and deceased uncle. I own a coppy of Abbey Road, eight Black Sabbath Albums, some Floyd, Two Lynyrd Skynyrd albums, a Clash 45 that has Should I Stay or Should I go on one side. Hell, I even have Foot Loose from Rod Stewert.
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I used to collect records pretty religiously. Moreso contemporary stuff than classic rock and the like though. I had to sell most of it because I was broke and now rarely buy records for the same reason. I still see stuff I want all the time and it's hard not to give into temptation.

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I have a pretty hefty record collection a couple hundred or so 45s and maybe 75 LPs. I wish I could help you out with a good recommendation but I too am on the search for a new one. My Longines Symphonette from the 50's fnally croaked on me.
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I have been meaning to start a record collection for a while now, I just don't want to become addicted. I love the vinyl sound, but I can't bring myself to re-buy the same music I have on my iPOD. It's the same reason why I sold all of my CD's. They just take up space, and with the iPOD, I don't need them.

I would have to buy a few choice records, after that it would be hard not to continue burning money. So I think I'll pass for my own good.
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