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Collectibles, figures, and memorabilia. posters, figures, whatever.

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Mr. Bill
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Originally Posted by Parasite Hilton View Post
Finally put together that new shelf. Looks much better... so far.

Very nice collection sir

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Rotting Corpse
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I gave up organising my collection, now they're just giant humps of DVD's in random locations.
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Lord of Terror
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Got bored so here's an update..

This is what it looked like back in Feb 2008

And today...

My DVD's
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My goal in life is to have a collection the likes of these...
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Fresh Kill
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Mine too

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Originally Posted by morts vivants View Post
I got bored, so I decided to post some more up to date photos. Jeez! I need a new camera though!

DUDE... very, very nice!!!
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fucking a,

mine looks so little compared to y'alls.
and i thought mine was alright....
i need to do more shopping ; l
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Fresh Kill
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Every time I come to this thread it makes me so eager to go out and buy more movies so I can have a collection as sweet as all of yours.
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Rotting Corpse
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Morts? I was just thinking of selling my whole DVD collections earlier today... then this wonder was bestowed upon me. I'll opt out of that insane notion of mine.

my collection:

For quantity, it makes up in quality... Hardboxes? some cannot be listed or found.
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Rotting Corpse
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