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Rotting Corpse
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Default The Others (2001)

No existing thread...

Having seen 1408 recently got me to thinking about the psychological horror film The Others, which I haven't seen in at least a year, but remember it being superb. I saw it in theatres as well, and the audience was genuinely frightened (including myself). I definitely think it's one of the best ghost story movies around, and I often hear it compared to The Ring. So discuss the film here.

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Doktor Zalost
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I liked the movie. I wouldn't call it horror rather mystery of some sort. And I really don't see much parallels with above mentioned the Ring.
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Fresh Kill
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I love this movie...

Haven't really heard it compared to The Ring though...The only comparisons I could see made there is that they both involve ghosts, and a blonde Australian actress is the lead character.

I HAVE heard it compared to The Sixth Sense though. And frankly I prefer this one over that. The Others actually creeped me out, The Sixth Sense gave me a few jumps. And the endings are somewhat similair...Although with The Sixth Sense I figured it out about halfway through. But The Others final twist threw my ass for a loop...

Now I wanna go watch this movie again...

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Rotting Corpse
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Ah yes, this movie is proof of how to make a genre film that's PG-13 and actually frightening. Notice that there's no teeny-bopper stars and it relies completely on the atmosphere of the secluded and rather creepy mansion. The only problem is that is has a "twist" ending which ruins its replay value.

Otherwise a solid film with decent acting. 8/10 from me.

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The Living Dead
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I also love this movie. As for 1408... I don't know I just didn't like 1408 as much as I wanted to.
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Movie was good, but I dont think it deserves much attention in a horror forum.
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as hard as i tried to fake being bored, this movie really creeped me out-it was inventive, suspenseful, and provided some good scares, i think a lot of people simply dismissed it because it was pg13 or they thought it was a sixth sense ripoff (untrue, m. night didn't corner the market on confused identity ghosts!)
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Fresh Kill
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this movie was pretty good ending was wierd though.

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The Living Dead
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Anyone know what Alejandro Amenabar has been up to lately?
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"are you mad" ? , "I am your daughter. " good line .

Movie had a great twist and was a fresh idea on the ghost story , gave me chills .
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