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Rotting Corpse
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Default The Exorcist (1973)

What are your views on The Exorcist in regards to its massive hype? Do you think it's overrated? Why or why not?

Personally, I think it is. Don't get me wrong, it's a great movie, IMO, but Jesus (literally), it's not the be all, end all. Every single true horror fan on Earth has watched the original Exorcist. I respect it loud & clear for how groundbreaking it was, and how people weren't ready for the film back then. I know the impact it had. But come on, the scariest movie of all time? Bullshit.

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hellz ablaze
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i agree. i actually just watched it completely for the first time Friday.

i thought it was good. my only problem the ending was kinda sudden. i mean it just jumped bodies lost control and the priest killed himself. i was expecting something else i guess but a great movie but yes just a little overrated.
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Watch the Blatty interview on the special features of The Sixth Sense. It truly explains the craze...but I can't for the life of me recall what he said in detail.

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Slasher Freak
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Thumbs up

I love this film but I am aware that it is overrated and I have alot of respect for it because it is a very important film for the genre just like Psycho, NOTLD etc. Is one of the few films that actually "scare" me.

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No it is not overated, it is second only to Dawn Of The Dead of being the greatest horror film of all time IMO.

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i've come to hate the term overrated. who decides what does and doesn't deserve a high rating? i think it's become the easy catchphrase to fall back on when someone encounters something they don't like but is considered a classic.

that said, i'm not as big a fan of it as a lot of others. in fact, i don't think i truly appreciated it until i saw it on the big screen. maybe i need to see it again, as i think (or at least hope) that i'm more mature than i was when i first saw it. same with rosemary's baby, in fact.
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Nah... I don't think its overrated.

Very few horror movies have had the same effect.

While its not my favorite horror film, I can concede the title of "scariest movie ever made" to it.
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black coffee
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I don't think it's overrated. It deserves the praise it gets.

One of the greatest horrormovies ever and so ahead of its time.
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It's very over-rated. And I did watch it on the big screen, and I was still very under-whelmed. I mean it's not bad, and was probably the first film to do many things. However, it's really not all that enjoyable for me as a horror film, while other films from the same time are. It was trend-setter, a block-buster, and has some memorable imagery, but that's where most of the hype originated. It's not the be-all, end-all horror film by any stretch.
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I personally think this film deserves the praise it gets. Beyond just the surface shock value (the thing that Blatty actually wanted to play down), it has a lot of interesting things to say on family issues, science, faith, etc. The effects don't really hold up today in some instances (pea soup, prosthetic 'help me' stomach) but for the most part, if watched seriously, the overall effect is still fairly unsettling.

My favorite thing that this movie does is that it isn't afraid to have a hopeless ending. We really have no idea if Damien beat the demon or not. Science fails early on, and ultimately faith fails as well. The only thing that really works in the end is when Damien drops his role as therapist, drops his role as priest, and assumes the role of Damien the boxer (a minor character trait introduced earlier in the film) and quite literally beats the demon out of her. The film has a pretty bleak outlook, and I feel that it achieves this in a really interesting way.
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