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It may not be the best among Jason (Friday The 13th) movies but it sure is fun to watch. And can't leave this sucker to be added in my Jason and Freddy DVD collection

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I thinks it's actually pretty decent. It's certainly not great and it's not absolutely terrible either. It's a pretty fun time-waster.
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Yeah big fan here, although its in no way scary its a regular viewing of mine. I like the Hong Kong cinema aspect Ronny Yu gave it. it's not perfect and yup some bits kinda give me the shits but overall i really dig it, especially seein Kelly Rowland getting fucking nailed by Jason...
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Gas Man
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Loved it. Thinking about picking it up soon too.
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I have no real problems with FvJ. It's a cheesy, goofball movie. I got what I expected. I didn't think it would be all too creative or scary but like "Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man," it would be an intentionally over-the-top, cheesy, fun movie. That's what I got.
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It's mindless fun, once you start trying to piece together the intricacy's of the plot your head starts twitching. So it best just to sit back, point and laugh.. not a film to be taken seriously what so ever.
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Chainsaw Suicide
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I loved this movie. I went in with really low expectations and it exceeded. It was fun and gory. And although it had someone that Destiny's Child chick, she got murdered by Jason, who flung her against a tree. That was awesome. I cant think of a movie where they have a famous pop star or rapper and they get killed that I have seen. Some one told me Jason was scared of the water because he spent so much time trapped under the water chained to that rock. I dont know if thats true or makes sense. But it was a fun movie easily better than some of the later F13 and Nightmare sequels.

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i liked it. i think i would have liked it better if i didnt wait for like 3 years for it!! i expected more from the idea. they could have made it better, but i liked it.


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I'm not gonna lie. I love this movie. I was 12 when it came out in the movie theater and I know that a 12 year old probably would be the stereotype to like this movie, but I still like it and I have matured since then. I still consider the opening in this movie one of the best. I love the Freddy monologue thing that it has goin on.

The color changes in the movie was pretty cool, in my eyes, but there were things that just sucked about the movie. I understand why people hate it, honestly. I think everyone should understand why.

I just have a question about it that I've had in my head for the last 3 years...

Why would they make a versus movie with Freddy in it when in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, he explains that he can't die?

That has bothered me forever...
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I think that if you dont look too deeply into the movie, or into the whole plot of things, its a pretty decent flick. I mean they skipped out on a lot of loop holes within both stories of both sides of the film, but I guess it had to be done to make the story actually happen. I mean, Jason in Space? How the fuck do you suppose Freddy to get him down? Throw a rock at him? Im sure if you didnt like the film it could have been way worse...they could have gone with the whole Fred-Head thing...Oh well, all in all, its a pretty a-okay fun little flick. But the thing that really gets my goat is all these little teeny-boppers running around saying how FvJ was SOOOO SCARY! And they are completely ignorante to where the two actually came from! Ugh, now thats what pisses me off! Just today I was watching FvJ on SciFi, and the way the edited the whole fucking movie for content and time, was horriable! They wouldnt let any of the Teens say Ass or Piss, but Freddy could scream out Bitch, Whore, and God Damn whenever he fucking pleased! OH and dont get me started on the whole fucking Blake kid! In stead of showing him drinking out of his flask and scratching his balls! They show him playing with a fucking YO-Yo...A YO YO!? OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! >_< I hate it when they edit horror movies like that...It frustrates the fuck outta me....
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