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Originally Posted by Jason_RuleS
Loved it! I took it for what it was: a tribute to both franchises and an entertaining blast.
Yeah i agree. I thought it was 100 times better than what i hoped for. Vs movies are usually shit, especially with such established characters (look at AvP for example). FvsJ was fun and kept close to both franchises, i love it
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People can see it as a "Tribute" - I saw it as a desperate and frankly rather bland attempt to fuck us movie fans over by combining two past it icons/franchises because it was obviously apparent they didnt have the pull to go solo.
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After 10 years of waiting it obviously couldnt live up to what I was hoping for but yes I do like the movie. It certainly wasnt better or worse than most of the entries in either franchise.
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Jamie McBain
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I kind of liked the movie.
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Freddy vs Jason is both insulting and a complete train wreck. The 1st time I saw it in the movie theater I was actually embarrassed to be a horror fan.

They ignored all previous films and took the movie in a lame direction. "Freddy died by fire, Jason died by water, how can we use that against them ????". Huh? Jason only killed dozens of people IN the water. Every Friday film takes place in a driving rain storm that doesn't faze Jason. Now all of a sudden he can't walk through a light waterfall?

The new Jason looked like shit. He was entirely too tall, his clothes looked like he bought them off the rack at Walmart on sale, his straggly hair looked gay, and even the hockey mask didn't look right. And Freddy? He killed exactly ONE person in the entire film. Plus he managed to keep his super dream power intact after he was pulled from the dream world into the real world? Okay.

The film didn't make sense. The story sucked balls. The characters were all stereotypical ripoffs from other films. And Ronny Wu completely fucked it up with his reimaging and "colors".
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Originally Posted by Belmont
I know it's been a few years since FvsJ came out, but the tremendous letdown of the whole project still doesn't sit well with me - What could've been a terrifically creative and cool film ended up being a stunningly stupid, pandering, and insulting final product.

The film seems to enjoy a moderately positive reputation among fans, but I just don't get it - The previous films in both franchises weren't loaded with crap like Rn'B stars (that Destiny's Child chick) pop culture fads (Jay clone with the stoner character, Jack Black clone with the fat jock, right down to looks and mannerisms), and stupid "cutting edge" visual tricks (Ronny Yu... ugh).

The older flicks will never be viewed as "great films" by any means, but part of the charm rested in their simplicity, and in the fact that they weren't trying soooo hard to hit a target audience like FvsJ was.
Well, sit I now know not to listen to any more posts from I know that F vs J isn't high is easily one of my favorite films because it is just fun...exactly like it's predicessors so therefore i have no idea where you say that it's not like it's older bretheran...and becuase the cast was made of teen heart throbs doesn't make it anyworse...I was so thrilled to see the girl from Destiny's Child getting the axe...or machete...good film not in my top 20 but has definite replayability
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This is actually in my top 10.
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John Doe Se7en
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I don't have a problem with it. It's not perfect, but not bad either.
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Is this actually a serious question? It amazes me every time I run into some fan who believes that his or her opinion/perspective represents that of the majority of people on Earth. It shouldn't amaze me, of course, because it happens all the time. But I cannot get past the hubris displayed when someone asks a question like the one in the subject of this thread. You and your friends and some other people on boards like this hate the movie, so you really aren't sure if anyone on the planet liked it? Honestly? I would have to say that the $80+ million box-office (compared to the paltry returns for JASON X) is probably a pretty good indicator that some people did, considering it made less than half of that total in its opening weekend. It has also done quite well on home video, so some folks out there must be amenable to the prospect of watching it again. With minimal effort, I could undoubtedly supply you with dozens of positive reviews for the film, from both fans and critics.

In other words, yes. Many, many people like FREDDY VS. JASON. Some genuinely love it.

Sheesh! It's no wonder "normal" folks call us horror "geeks".
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It had it's moments but all in all it wasn't that great. Like someone said before, as long as fans waited for another movie, it didn't deliver. I will say though, that it was better than Jason X. Well, anything is better than that piece of shit movie.

Freddy vs Jason - 4/10
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