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Underground Extreme For the slightly more extreme viewing choices, including underground gore, torture, viscera, reality death, etc.

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The Living Dead
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I'll criticize indie films for bad acting if it harms the movie but in Found I thought the acting was sufficient, perhaps a few awkward moments but nothing more.

That being said I think people are too lenient on indie films as I see far too many that are unoriginal, unskilled and ironically cashing in on depravity. Found isn't guilty of this though, it's a superb effort.

I wish I saw Pieces of Talent while it was free over Xmas, I started watching it but was too tired .

1. Candyman 1992
2. Don't Go in the House 1979
3. The Hills have Eyes 1977
4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 1986
5. The Beyond 1981
6. Frankenstein 1931
7. Darkplace "Once upon a Beginning"
8. Long Weekend 1978
9. In Fear 2013
10. Nightmare 1981
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Originally Posted by Seikotik View Post
I absolutely loved this movie. You have decent points sev, but that rating seems a bit harsh. It's obviously opinion based, i just can't see this film being rated below a 7 to be honest. The acting wasn't the greatest but this was indie at its finest.
Are we talking about micro budget extreme films such as this or low budget horror in general?

Not like a 5.5 or 6 is oceans below a 7 or anything

Originally Posted by Oxley View Post
You really can't penalize independent films based one their acting... Don't get me wrong some have absolutely amazing performances (Pieces of Talent) others don't, like this one. And, many others.

The fact that they are indie grants them a pass for me on the acting. So it doesn't effect my judgement, as it's kind of expected.
I mentioned in my post that I don't think it's fair to criticize the film for those things because of how well the rest of the film is made but it did provide an uneasy viewing experience and my overall impression of the movie suffers because of that.

Maybe I'll learn to not be bothered by the performances if I start watching more underground shit but as of now they do irritate me.

Originally Posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
I wish I saw Pieces of Talent while it was free over Xmas, I started watching it but was too tired .
I was going to watch it but I forgot about it
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I cannot wait for Pieces of Talent to ship out. Been waiting insanely patiently for it.
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DVDs coming 9/23 in the US and 10/13 in the UK -- pre-order now at Amazon!

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
I think it's a derivative pile of shit, with hammy acting, cheap scares, and a shitty plot, actually.

Or maybe it's just overrated boo-scare fodder for the masses.
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Fresh Kill
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Have to say I LOVED FOUND. Never had any issues with the acting in it but then that is me. I really dug the characters and just cannot fault any of it, even my adopted Dad who complains about stuff like that dug it.

But anyway exciting stuff with the new release, especially with the HEADLESS short amongst the special features…unless you buy the Aussie version
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Fresh Kill
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Got the dvd a few days ago and I have to say this is a sick film. No monsters or demons here, just a twisted serial killer film that's done so well. It pretty much rips at every social taboo there is, race, sexuality and family issues, in a harsh and balls to the wall manner. I thought the acting was good enough, as I was worried due to the film's budget. It works effectively because of the two brothers. They really do come across as real brothers as they both deliver strong performances. Yes, at times the dialogue is a bit shaky, but never enough to ruin the watching experience. The gore was gruesome, the score was done right and the ending is disturbing. This movie is a big "FUCK YOU" to all of the mainstream horror movies, horror fans should see it. It does leave a mark!
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Fresh Kill
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Yes every horror fan should check this out! I don't go into this as an extreme film at all just a great horror flick.
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Great stuff. Loved the dark brooding atmosphere slow burning yet chilling pace. The moments of bad acting were not really a big issue because they were from secondary characters. The two leads were really good. Once again indie shows the mainstream how to make real disturbing and horrific film.

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Dr. McStuffin
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This was great. It's totally disturbing but at the same time it didn't feel unnecessarily exploitative. I found it to be a nice balance between the visceral and cerebral. I'm a big fan of a great set-up and payoff; the ending of this was perfection. This must be seen.

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