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I thought Superman was stupid as fuck until I saw this movie.

The epic action, destruction, violence and awesome mythos this film created absolutely satisfied me beyond my imagination.. I love this movie and could literally give a fuck less about any story arch or background info that exists prior.

Great movie... glad they finally made Superman something worth watching.
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There are a lot of good stories that this movie took inspiration from, & those are the stories that made me a fan of the character. MoS just embodies all of those elements perfectly to showcase a modern Superman...and one without fucking underwear on the outside of his suit.
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"Man Of Steel"..... This was actually a pretty damn good reboot, especially with the production, cast, and special effects! But we have to ask ourselves if this film should have been a sequel or a remake? Direction from Zach Snyder is wonderful and having the gorgeous Henry Cavill in the role of "Superman/Kent" is a terrific choice. Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, and Russell Crowe make up a strong ensemble cast, but I didnt care much for Crowe's character of "Jor-El" being brought back as a spirit that physically helps out his son and Lois Lane. I thought that was written up poorly and that they should have stuck to the 78' original on that one. Lots of different character and plot twists and changes are sprinkled throughout the whole film. Some of these are both good and bad. Some work and some dont!! So for me, I think with a whole different storyline and villains; this should have been the next sequel after Superman Returns.

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