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Default Savage Love {2012}

Writer and Director: Olaf Ittenbach

The two buddies Luke and Mark will finally once again experience a boozy evening, especially since they have long since gotten no woman more. After the first Viagra drug use and they make so promptly on the way to the party of their lives. In the nearby SM brothel once they finally can really let their hair down and indulge in all her secret fantasies and can be really einheizen of the mistresses. However, the fun will not last very long, because the ladies are transformed into bloodthirsty zombies ado, while the butcher prepared in the basement with the sophisticated eating human flesh. Still, however, did not they suspect that the real horror is waiting at the door: The daughter of Satan, who was once executed agonizing in vigilante justice many hundred years ago, is looking for 666 victims to finally bring her father back to life ...

*translated from German


Originally Posted by Jim Van Bebber

Well....I love old SPFX. They had personality....C.G.I. is boarder-less, nameless and soul-less.
Originally Posted by Jim Van Bebber

I refuse to die to world is 24 f.p.s. Film.
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Satan and slo-mo ninja spin kicks and a cannibal dwarf = I've got to see this.
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Olaf means awesome gore, which means I'm in.
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