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Old 04-24-2013, 09:17 PM   #13211
Mr. Bill
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Madden '12 Season with the Broncos, with Manning at QB and made Tebow a TE, doing well so far

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Fresh Kill
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Dead Island Riptide and...... its more of the same from the first game. Its kind of fun right now but I expect the endless fetch quests to become a chore a bit later.

The controls feel weird as balls as well. They feel like i’m running in soft sand. It takes a strange amount of time for my character to get up to walking speed. Like I literally have to take two steps back to take one step forward. Like i’m a playing a racing game and I have the acceleration and maneuverability of a shopping cart.

Its strange.
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Old 04-25-2013, 06:29 PM   #13213
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Saints Row the Third - what a fucked up game. One of these days I'll quit just killing and blowing shit up and actually figure out the missions.

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Star Trek: The Video Game- A rather unfortunate name for a highly illogical game. The swampy controls and horrible AI seem just as broken as the Abramsverse itself. The game seems to be tailored for co-op play, but since l abhor human contact l am making this trek alone. You can choose to play as either Kirk or Spock. l chose Spock, and as a result my green Vulcan blood is set to boiling as l'm constantly halted by broken AI Kirk, while he runs around like an Andorian ass-monkey, repeatedly getting hit by phaser fire or running in place against walls and ledges. l thought perhaps this was because the Abramsverse Kirk is more untempered and has daddy issues, but when l played as Kirk the AI Spock had the same bullshit deficiencies. You can scan objects in the terrain with your triquarter, in an obvious rip of Detective Mode from Rocksteady's recent Batman games. Storywise, it seems like a decent continuation of JJ's alternate Trek universe, but so far l'm not fascinated.
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OG Salmon
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Dead Island: Riptide

The first game was shitty with a cool concept, this time around its just a shitty game with a continuation of that same concept. Virtually zero improvements have been made anywhere, graphics are decent, AI is abysmal, lipsync is non existant, story is.. what story? and the game is nothing but 30 story quests and 50 fetch quests. Now the map is even bigger just to give you more shit!

Redbox this fucker if you must but please save yourself $50

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The Bear Jew
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I just picked up Bioshock Infinite and can't wait to play it....
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Beer Man
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Assassin's Creed 2. It's a damn good game, fired it up right after finishing the first one. A bit repetitive, and frankly, I get sick and tired of those damned timed missions. But otherwise, I'm hooked.
I love throwing guards off the roofs, it's hilarious, how they go falling down into the streets, and bounce all over the place, into people and everything. The funniest thing happened today too, I threw a guard off the roof after killing him, but he somehow got his foot caught on the underside of a balcony and was just hanging there. Took a pic with my cell, couldn't stop laughing.

Just seems a bit odd that these games emphasize on stealth, but then just going nuts in the streets works just as good lol.
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I finally picked up Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3 yesterday and this morning started playing Peace Walker. The gameplay is pretty ood but I hate the comic book style cut scenes with a passion. I am probably just going to play Snake Eater instead. It is my favorite in the series anyway.
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Porn N Gore
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Originally Posted by Frey View Post
I finally picked up Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3 yesterday and this morning started playing Peace Walker. The gameplay is pretty ood but I hate the comic book style cut scenes with a passion. I am probably just going to play Snake Eater instead. It is my favorite in the series anyway.
I was the same way with Peace Walker. But for me, the cutscenes did not bother me, but the gameplay style was just a little too much of a departure from the "classic" ways.

Snake Eater was always my favorite, loved that game.
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Rotting Corpse
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Tempted to buy Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon just because of how ridiculously awesome it looks.
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