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Default Horror Media Project - Audience Data Needed


I'm currently an Interactive Media Student who is attending his final year. We have been given the task of working on a project of our choice for the rest of the year. I have located a client who wishes for me to produce a horror themed point-and-click video game for the arcade section of their community website.

I am currently gathering information from my desired target audience. In this case, information from those who are interested in the horror genre. I was wondering if some of you would take the time to answer a few questions for me about what kind of horror elements you enjoy and what you would personally like to see in horror media that would at least convince you to look at that product once.

It's ok if you're not video game players; I wish to gather as much data as possible from various sources that will help me to develop a game with elements and features that would scare or thrill those who enjoy the horror genre. Thank you in advance!

Below are the questions:

Part 1:

1. Is there a type of horror that you enjoy the most? Such as action horror, psychological horror, slasher, monster, etc.

2. Is there a specific reason why you prefer that type of horror?

3. Why do you personally enjoy horror games or films? Please explain in detail, if you're able to.

4. Would you agree that curiosity plays a role in being interested in horror genre media? For example, does the theme of a horror movie or game allow you to feed your curisoity? themes like morality, the afterlife, being stuck in a situation that's beyond your control, survival etc.

5. Would you agree that adrenaline plays a role in enjoying horror films or games? For example, is the adrenaline rush caused by being frightened make the experience better? How big a role does adernaline play in your enjoyment of horror media?

6. What is it about the horror genre that interests you and keeps you coming back for more?

7. Do your own personal fears help you to enjoy a horror game or movie more? do you see it as a way to face your own fears? If you can, and if it is not too personal, could you give an example of some of your fears and how it relates to your enjoyment of the horror genre (if it does)?

8. Do you often play horror video games? if so, what games do you play?

9. Is there a specific reason why you like those games? Is it the story? a gameplay element?atmosphere? etc.

10. Do you often place yourself inside of a horror movie or game? For example, do you like to imagine what you would do in that situation? If you do, why do you imagine yourself in those situations?

11. What has the greatest effect on you: jump scares, where something happens suddenly to frighten you - or atmosphere; where the movie or game builds tension and keeps you on the edge of your seat?

Part Two:

The questions above will help me with designing a 2D Flash game for my client. The genre of this game is "point-and-click", however, it will have a horror theme and storyline.

For those of you who may not know what a point-and-click game is, it is a game that involves the player investigating rooms and areas by using the mouse. For example, you can use the mouse to click on objects in a room. The items that you find in the room will allow you to solve puzzles or uncover more of the storyline.

The game will be 2D with some animation to make it look more dynamic and interesting.

1. If you were going to play a 2D point-and-click horror game, how would you make it frightening? what would you put in it to scare you, personally?

In a 2D game, there are limitations. For example, a designer may only be able to use simple "jump scare" moments, or using sounds to try and make the player scared of something they cannot see yet. This is because the designer would not be able to have creatures or dangers sneak up on the player like they can on a 3D game, such as Resident Evil.

2. Would the use of jump scares or sounds affect your enjoyment of a 2D horror game like the one described above?

3. What kind of puzzles would you like to see in a horror game? What kind of puzzles would convince you to at least try the game?

4. The game I described earlier will have realistic graphics. Do you think realistic graphics would increase the feeling of horror in a game?
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