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Originally Posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
I saw this the other day and thought it is one of the best horror remakes.Aja is building an impressive record now.

I would say that the poster gives an accurate feel of how the movie is, I would describe it as Henry: Portrait of a serial killer meets Drive. Some of the POV scenes combined with the soundtrack are stunning, especially when he's out in his car.

Personally (after only 1 viewing) I'm not a big fan of the original as it was a mean spirited slasher that's difficult to enjoy. I felt the remake dropped the slasher element and gave a disturbing insight into the mind of a maniac. Although like the original its unpleasant and hard to enjoy I felt dropping the slasher aspect made it more focused and interesting.

I'm not a fan of Elijah wood but he's great in this and the POV gives him menace.

I recommend you all check it out.
Sounds awesome! Can't wait for this to hit.
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