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This is easily my favorite of the "Asian Wave," mostly due to Kurosawa's complete mastery of tone and camera. The characters aren't that deep, I'll admit, but they're easily likeable, and I care enough about them that I fear for their safety. What I love is how the film plays like a eulogy for the human race, especially in the final twenty minutes, where everything is empty and barren. Shyamalan's The Happening owes a debt to this flick.

I watched Kurosawa's Cure today, and I enjoyed it as well, although it didn't hit me in the same way Pulse did. Above-average and creepy, but a little rote with the detective/killer dynamic, and the somewhat predictable ending.
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This is probably one of my favorite movies of all time, and one of the few that managed to keep me scared after I was finished watching it. My friends don't get it though, only one of them actually likes it and she doesn't think it's scary at all.
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I thought it was dull to watch but the ideas behind it was what had me held. The being so afraid of aloneness but still unable to connect , not even after death and the end of the world because of technology. That story made me look forwards to the sequel, I regret that now...
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thought this was a great asian ghost horror. just the fact that it stood out against the hundreds of others just like it. it was a bit long, and occasionally slow, but it was effectively creepy, and never lost me with goofy CGI or stupid plot twists. I have no intention on seeing the remake.
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The first one wasn't very good, I don't understand why to do another one. It also wasn't so succesful.
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I realy liked Pulse. I can see why people get bored by it because it is incredibly slow and if ghosts do nothing for you then this is sure to be a good sleeping pill. However, ghosts do something for me and the pacing helped to build up the tense atmosphere. I don't know about anyone else but that wobbly ghost scared the hell out of me! I got chills every where! The ghost at the end did the same to me too!

It's very effective and just looking at the remake trailer completely demonstrates the difference between Japanese ghost films and American ones!
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