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Originally Posted by Se7en XxSinzXx View Post
Maybe not in the first film, but definitely the second or third.
My point exactly, they'll let anticipation build up for him. Of course everyone wants to see who will tackle the Joker character next after Heath Ledger's phenemonal performance, but they're going to wait, not thrust him into the center stage first film.

Same thing applies to horror movies, it's okay to let certain characters take a rest, that way when you do return to those characters there can actually be a fresh take on it.

I just want a carefully planned & thoughtful series of films that re-establishes Myers as the Shape, this instrument of evil that evoke terror into the audience. And to do that you have to cut out this family shit for the time being, & give Laurie Strode a rest.

Here's the thing. Halloween can't be improved. The original is arguably the best horror film of all time and no combination of elements could improve or better it.
It's this kind of thinking that leads to mediocre results. If you step into a project with the thought "I can't beat John Carpenter's original" then you're setting yourself up to fail, because that's not even the goal. The goal isn't to improve upon or better what the initial film set up, the goal is to make a movie that is good, that is suspenseful, & rather than competing with the original, pays respect to it by being able to stand on it's own merits.

You don't ever set out to make a film with the thought "this has to be better than [insert movie name]". The primary goal should be making a worthwhile product. If you can't fully invest in your idea, how do you expect anybody else to?

I'v said it once and I'll say it again. Leave it alone.

Making a good comic and making a good movie are entirely different things.
Nobody ever said they were the same, but, as I stated, it does prove that good stories can come about from people who are actually willing to go beyond the conventions of the series.

Look at the last TCM. I haven't seen it but it seems to be unanimously hated by everyone. There is no reason to keep making these movies.
TCM 3D was made to get your $16, & everybody who made it knew that. If the people involved are only in it for the check, of course the final product won't be worth shit. Just because shitty people have had their go at making a movie in the franchise doesn't mean there aren't interesting stories worth telling.

But that's not going to happen. We should be encouraging original film ideas, not sequels/remakes of 30-40 year old movies. How can you expect another masterpiece of a film that was executed perfectly three decades ago?
I don't recall stating I want a remake of Halloween exactly the same as it was. I said I want the idea of the Shape to carry over to a new series of films, which means no brother/sister story angle, & new characters. That's entirely different, & would be more of a stand-alone film creating a new universe rather than being a remake. I'm not clamoring for a remake, I want something that's original, new, & has suspense. Take the general idea, & shape it into something new for a modern audience.

I didn't say it had to be her, I said it doesn't take a skilled filmmaker to make me care about Laurie since I already did going into the movie.

You seem to think new & fresh automatically = good.
Again, where did I say this specifically? New and fresh doesn't automatically equal good, but it can be a great thing if you have the right players latched to the project.

I'm for new and original shit, but if it's not executed properly (Which H2 obviously wasn't.) it's meaningless.
H2 stands as easily being one of the best of the series. Again, imo, the Director's Cut of it is the best in the franchise after Carpenter's original. I think H2's execution was pin-point, people just didn't bother to actually pay attention.
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