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Originally Posted by bloodydollface View Post
Yea but are the complaints relevant to the product in which the consumer is getting? Or is just bitching to bitch?
I'd say it's very relevent. COD is obviously still doing very well, but Halo 4 on the other hand, has already seen a big dropoff in multiplayer activity, and it's mostly due to the changes they made, to make it more like COD. It's also been shunned by the MLG circuit as well. Now it's not a failure by any means, but it's an example of a move to please the masses, and get a slice of that COD pie, backfiring.

Splinter Cell is another example. Conviction was one of the worst selling games in the franchise, because they were trying to cater to the shooter crowd. So they alienated their built in fan base, to cater to a crowd who didn't care for the franchise in the first place, and in the end appealed to an even smaller crowd, than they already had.

What I'm saying is all these different genres, are slowly mashing into one, and if people ever start to get sick of that "one"(TP and FP shooters), the industry is fucked.

With GH it's obvious that the standalone songs and song packs were absolutely ridiculously overpriced and people have a right to be upset, but I look at games like FPS and think that it's honestly not that bad. Like the new DLC for Black Ops 2 includes more than any other DLC pack Treyarch/IW have ever released (I'm fairly sure), and it's still the same price as any other DLC they have released. 4 new multiplayer maps, a new zombie map, and a new weapon. Not bad in my mind for 15 bucks.
I completely disagree here. I find paying $15 for a lousy map pack, is fucking obscene. It's very much like the GH problem with song packs. Especially, when a good portion of the maps, are just imports from older versions of the franchise.

Put it into perspective. Would you pay $60 for a game, with 16 maps, and no campaign? I sure as fuck wouldn't.

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