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Originally Posted by babagloom View Post
Classic child death. Sigh....
That's what I wanted to do to Baby Firefly when she was prattling on about ice cream.
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The Woman in Black (2012) - 7.5/10
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My wife and I just put up the Halloween decorations and I rented two movies from Red Box, this movie and Cabin in the Woods. I had really high expectations for Cabin in the Woods, and I had no idea what Woman in Black was other than a remake. Cabin in the Woods turned out to be a disappointment and this turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The plot is nothing special, but the atmosphere was spooky. This movie should only be watched at night with the lights off and some candles lit. Otherwise it won't be near as effective.
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TWIB maintained a sense of dread throughout, but there's a 15-20 minute section in the middle that is incredibly tense, oddly more so than the climax. The script transitions oddly from that section, with the protag basically shaking off the terror.

I'm excited to see Hammer's next feature, The Quiet Ones.
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It was a well-directed movie however it was way too short. It didn't give a chance to build up the atmosphere and I didn't feel like anything happened. It had potential but it failed to deliver at the end. It felt like it was cut short and wrapped up. Just like someone writing a great story and then deciding to end it with "And then I woke up and it was all a dream" But it wasn't a big of waste of time. It had its moments.

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"The Woman In Black (2011)"......This was a damn good movie!! It is a fine and appropriate return to atmospheric horror movies for the once great Hammer Films. It sticks to the source material's (the 1983 novel by Susan Hill) original time period (the late 19th century to the early 20th century), with authentic costumes, sets, and a spectacularly creepy haunted house. The mood is perfect (emphasized by extreme isolation), the sustained dread is gut-wrenching, and the anticipation is very unnerving at times. Although this is a ghost story with the standard rotting abandoned mansion as the central location, it presents several very unique ideas for old-fashioned hauntings. Daniel Radcliff is in top notch form with his performance of "Arthur Kipps", an attorney who has lost his wife during childbirth a few years earlier. He frequently has visions of her in her wedding dress (symbolically, the woman in white), which gives him a newfound sense of spiritualism. However I think the visions were shown a little too frequently and it got tiresome. His last assignment is to journey to a remote village on the outskirts of England. Once there, he must sort out the papers left at Eel Marsh House to finalize the financial and legal dealings of the recently deceased Mrs. Drablow. Although the townspeople wish for Kipps to leave as swiftly as he arrives, he finds a friend in Simon Daily (Ciaran Hinds), and one who has lost his son in an accident and whose wife (Janet McTeer) has gone crazy with mental suffering. What is supposed to be a simple job becomes plagued by disconcerting secrets, the mysterious deaths of children, and the unnatural sightings of an ebony-veiled woman in black funeral attire. The use of demonic-looking toy contraptions and unnerving dolls is nothing new. Nor are the expected, manipulative jump scares fueled by loud thuds, screeches, and jarring sound effects (and a pesky crow), or the sudden appearances of otherworldly imagery coupled with shocking high music score tones. But the evil spirit itself is wonderfully singular in its ability to scare through subtle materialization (coming into sight in alarming manner, with slower paced emergence's more traumatizing than the rapid ones), its targeting of children and pattern of avoiding physical harm to adults, and most of all in its vengeful mission that cannot be appeased or calmed. She's a wronged poltergeist of legendary ill-omen stature and foreshadowing doom. She's not meant to be satisfied, but rather endured. The atmosphere in this movie is crisp, scary, unsettling, and chilling!! A terrific watch!!

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Liked: creepy mansion, creepy village, classic premise and classic scares.

Disliked: stupid characters and the ending was not consistent with the rest of the movie. Earsplitting sound spikes!

Last word: If you don't mind dumb characters and are in the mood for a classic creepy mansion flick, I highly recommend this film. Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed.

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